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Arthrem Capsules 60

Arthrem Capsules 60
Arthrem Capsules 60
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Arthrem Capsules 60
Arthrem Capsules 60
ArthRem is a natural treatment extracted from the herb Artemisia for people suffering with joint pain and related mobility problems.

Why Choose arthRem ?
- It may help to reduce the pain you experience in day-to-day life
- You may experience a reduction of swelling in joints such as hips, knees and fingers
- Reduced pain levels and swelling may help increase your mobility and quality of life
- It fights the problems that cause inflammation - it is not a painkiller that just masks symptoms

What is Artemisia?
arthRem contains 100% pure extract of Artemisia which has been  extracted without using chemicals.
Artemisia has been known for its medicinal uses since ancient times. arthRem's science is based upon Artemisia annua. There are many scientific international papers suggesting that one of the beneficial compounds of our extract, Artemisinin, as a potential treatment for arthritis.
The arthRem extract of Artemisia is offered as a wonderful opportunity to you which may assist you to enjoy a more pain free, active life.
Active Ingredients:
Each capsule contains:
Artemisinin 17mg (from Artemisia extract)
Also contains: gelatin, glycerine, vanillin, vegetable oil

Take 1-2 capsules, twice a day.

  • Check with your medical professional before using if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffering from tinnitus or using any prescription medicine.

Extended Information:
Q: What are the potential side effects of arthRem?
A: Although most people do not experience any side effects with the capsules, being a completely natural product, a small number of people have reported experiencing uncomfortable acid reflux - in fact a high percentage of arthritis sufferers have reflux issues already. Most of those we have heard from in this respect have found the problem can be resolved by keeping the pills in the fridge and taking them with a large glass of water. For some people the reflux is controlled by taking the product with food; others prefer taking it between meals.
†Q: I am taking a large variety of medication, is it safe to start taking arthRem?
A: If you are taking any medication prescribed by a doctor, it is strongly advised that you consult with your doctor before taking any herbal product or dietary supplement. There are many ways in which different treatment types can interact - some enhance each other, others can conflict.
Q: Are the capsules you use vegetarian? If not, do you plan on putting your product out in vegetarian capsules at some time.
A: At the present time, due to this being a brand new product, the pills are only gel caps, but it is our firm intention to provide a vegetarian option as soon as one becomes available. We'll announce this development as soon as possible
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