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Famvir Once 1 Dose - 3 Tablets - For Coldsores

Famvir Once 1 Dose - 3 Tablets - For Coldsores
Famvir Once 1 Dose - 3 Tablets - For Coldsores
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Famvir Once 1 Dose - 3 Tablets - For Coldsores

One dose heals cold sores fast

Reduces pain & tenderness
Speeds healing
No creams necessary

A convenient single-dose tablet treatment for cold sores.

Active Ingredients:

Each tablet contains famciclovir 500mg
FAMVIR ONCE does not contain : lactose sucrose, gluten or tartrazine.


Dosage/Usage Adult dosage
1 dose = 3 tablets
Taken as a single dose with or without food.
Swallow whole tablets with a glass of water.

Take all the tablets in this pack as a single dose as soon as possible after the first symptoms or signs of a cold sore appear (e.g. tingling, itching or burning, redness or swelling.) Do not delay treatment.
The virus is most active at this time, and you should see the greatest benefit from taking FAMVIR ONCE early during a cold sore outbreak.
Do not repeat treatment within 7 days.


Precautions: Do not use FAMVIR ONCE:

-If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients
- If you are pregnant or may become pregnant, or are breastfeeding
- If you have any problems with your kidneys, liver, or immune system
- to treat children or adolescents under 18 years of age
-if you are diabetic

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