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Herstat Coldsore Ointment 2g

Herstat Coldsore Ointment 2g
Herstat Coldsore Ointment 2g
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Herstat Coldsore Ointment 2g
Herstat Coldsore Ointment 2g - with Propolis ACF
Many people are affected by coldsores and they know how irritating it can be. Coldsores can appear anytime but usually it is a sign that the immune system is less active than normal.
How does Herstat work?
Herstat is a special ointment because it is completely natural. It contains white Vaseline, which keeps the skin moisturized, and a precious gift from honeybees – Propolis ACF, which is a special, highly purified type of propolis. It helps relieve the pain, accelerates cell renewal and consequently reduces the healing time. The composition of Propolis  ACF creates an environment that reduces the chance of additional infections on the Coldsore area.
The white Vaseline creates a protective barrier on the coldsore surface, softening the skin and preventing dryness. This way it prevents the skin from cracking and accelerates the natural process of coldsore healing.
Clinical trials have proven that Herstat shortens the healing time for 3,5 days and is effective in all the stages of coldsore outbreaks. You can use it anytime in any stage. It relieves itching and pain, heals coldsores quickly and thoroughly and helps prevent additional infections. It also softens the skin, protects it from dehydration and from cracking and remains clear once applied. It is packed in a small and handy tube with an applicator for an easier and precise application.
 Herstat for immediate relief of irritating symptoms and faster healing
 Herstat relieves the pain
 Herstat is effective in all stages of Coldsore outbreaks
 Herstat has been clinically tested

How do you use Herstat?
For best results you should apply Herstat to affected area at 2 hourly intervals, 5 times a day.
Active Ingredients: Petrolatum, Liquid Paraffin, ethanol, lanolin and Purified Propolis Extract ACF
Dosage: Apply Herstat directly to lesions/affected area every 2 hours/5 times a day.
Warnings: Propolis may cause skin irritation. Test before use. Discontinue use if rash appears. Avoid contact with the eyes.
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