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Parasidose Lice-Nits Treatment 110ml

Parasidose Lice-Nits Treatment 110ml
Parasidose Lice-Nits Treatment 110ml
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Parasidose Lice-Nits Treatment 110ml
Parasidose Lice-Nits Treatment 110ml
Parasidose Treatment Care gets rid of lice and nits. Free from chemical insecticides, Parasidose Treatment Care contains the unique ingredient Biococidine and is sutiable for the treatment of the whole family. The bubble-gum fragrance, particularly appreciated by children, leaves the hair delicately fragranced. Paraben and phenoxyethanol free.
Mode of Action: Biococidine has a mechanical action against lice and nits, thus eliminating the risk of resistance by:

- Suffocating the lice and nits by obstructing the airways used for respiration.
- Lifting away the protective tough outer shell of the lice which leads to their dehydration.
- Dissolving the glue that attaches the nits to the hair shafts. When the nits are separated from the hair, they cannot develop and subsequently die. The three-fold mechanical action of Biococidine therefore effectively eliminates lice and nits.
Suitable for use in:
Children from 3 months of age. Women during pregnancy and Asthma sufferers.
Active Ingredients: Biococidine, Citric Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Fragrance, Water.
1. Push the cap down to pierce the applicator nozzle.
2. Use the applicator nozzle to apply a sufficient quantity to WET hair, as close to the roots as possible and along the lengths, until all of the hair and scalp are well covered.
3. Massage well to spread the product evenly.
4. Leave to act for 45 minutes.
5. Carefully comb the wet hair using a fine tooth comb to remove the dead lice and nits.
6. Wash the hair once with your usual shampoo then rinse thoroughly.

The efficacy has been proven under laboratory conditions from the first application. However, we recommend that you perform a second treatment 3 to 5 days after the first treatment to reduce the risks of poor application or re-infestation.
Additional Advice:
To avoid risk of re-infestation following treatment, do not forget to: Treat the whole family at the same time. Use a repellent product such as Parasidose Lice Repellent to help keep lice away. Use a fine tooth comb such as Parasidose Lice comb every few days. Keep long hair tied up when at school.
Do not share brushes, combs, hair ties or hats.

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