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Q:  When will Macuvision be available ??   Views:166   Added date:Jun 04, 2013

Q:  Hi there, I was wondering if there was a similar product that was long enough to wrap around the chest and stomach area.   Views:7   Added date:Jun 08, 2013

Q:  do you supply Berberine   Views:10   Added date:Jun 04, 2013

Q:  What is the downside to this product   Views:418   Added date:Jun 05, 2013

Q:  Hi there, our 4 yr old daughter has woken this morning with what looks like the start of a cold sore (she hasn't had one before but her father is susceptible to them).Her lip is red and sore - and looks like some skin has come off. Is this Famvir medication suitable for her age please?   Views:48   Added date:Apr 26, 2013

Q:  Hi, Do you have any products that can treat skin tags?   Views:11   Added date:Apr 27, 2013

Q:  Hello!, having ordered from you before, I was wondering if I was able to PRE order chocolate Optifast Bars for when they arrive and pre pay? This would be a great help! Kind regards, Amanda - it's just that I find the others like chewing cardboard....   Views:210   Added date:Jun 08, 2013

Q:  I was depressed patients. Please tell me more about these drugs, and I want to take, whether psychiatrists first interrogation?   Views:11   Added date:Jun 05, 2013

Q:  My father-in-law was taking Macu-vision, recommended by a specialist but has been unable to get it recently & is now taking Lutein-vision. Please can you tell me if Macu-vision will be back on the market & if the Lutein-vision is just as good.   Views:55   Added date:Jun 09, 2013

Q:  when will you be getting more of the cheeki protein shakers? thanks   Views:5   Added date:Jun 09, 2013

Q:  Do you suggest that one can skip the multi vitamins and minerals when using essential greens ? thank you   Views:60   Added date:Jun 10, 2013

Q:  Good morning. I am wondering if you could let me know when you are expecting the Chocolate bars (Optifast) in stock as your note on the website says late May to mid June. Thank you.   Views:122   Added date:Jun 10, 2013

Q:  Could you please tell me if Tranquil Night tablets contain gluten?   Views:58   Added date:Apr 24, 2013


Q:  Hello, what is the expiry date for this product, Thompson's Salmon oil?Am finding only old products in the market.   Views:60   Added date:Nov 13, 2012

Q:  Is it legal to send Benadryl Chesty Forte and/or Benadryl Chesty Cough & Nasal Decongestant to family in USA ?   Views:26   Added date:Nov 06, 2012

Q:  My mother who is 90 is about to start exelon patch for her Alzheimer. Are there any danger in starting this treatiment, and then stopping it if there are adverse reactions. In other words, will she be worse after having had the patch when she stops. Also, if it makes a beneficial difference for her, is it addictive and need to increase the dose as time goes by? Thank you for your help in explaining these possible problems.   Views:26   Added date:Nov 07, 2012

Q:  Are the prices the same if I buy from the physical store?   Views:32   Added date:Nov 08, 2012

Q:  Hi. I am on a low dose HRT. Can I still take reducta?   Views:223   Added date:Nov 17, 2012

Q:  is this product good for an 18 year old thanks   Views:24   Added date:Nov 18, 2012

Q:  Can you advise if these pills cause constipation and if you have to take them with Vitamin C? I have been using Floradix tablets which are fine but more expensive so thought these tables may be a good option.   Views:80   Added date:Nov 12, 2012

Q:  Is the Omron Heartsure BP100 automatic blood pressure monitor cuff for wrist or upper arm?   Views:658   Added date:Nov 19, 2012

Q:  My medication in one Asprin 100mg and one Lisinopril 10mg per day, at 78 years of age and being very healthy would you be able to sell Avigra to me without the need for reference to my Doctor.   Views:100   Added date:Nov 14, 2012

Q:  I had breast cancer about 3 years ago. It was hormone related cancer apparently so I am taking tamoxifen. I have quite severe menopause symptoms and have been advised to take kiwiherb meno-balance. I know there are some herbal medications I should not take because of the breast cancer. Is this one okay?   Views:61   Added date:Nov 20, 2012

Q:  hi, what is the expiry date on these? & how many hours does it say it lasts for before reapplying? thanks :)   Views:16   Added date:Nov 20, 2012

Q:  I have a central retinal vein occlusion and my retina is losing it' s vigour and of course my vision is seriously diminished. Do you have a recommendation for a supplement to help the health of the retina or to promote an improvement to the vein occlusion.   Views:15   Added date:Nov 25, 2012

Q:  I have a script for 12 * 20Mg Cialis * two repeats, do i have to get all at once, or can I get 12, and then the other 24 at monthly intervals?   Views:196   Added date:Nov 26, 2012

Q:  Hi Does this suncreen have an expiry date please.   Views:13   Added date:Nov 28, 2012

Q:  Do bifocal contacted lenses come as a daily option   Views:15   Added date:Nov 25, 2012

Q:  is menevit also an antioxidant?   Views:10   Added date:Nov 28, 2012

Q:  ingredients of Mustela nipple cream and nursing comfort balm and 9 month balm   Views:51   Added date:Nov 29, 2012

Q:  Does Lifestream Barley Grass contain iron and if so ,how much?   Views:11   Added date:Nov 25, 2012

Q:  Hi there, I would like to order Pediasure for my daughter. Could you please let me know how I can do that. Thnx   Views:10   Added date:Nov 23, 2012

Q:  is 3 in 1 detox & cleanse harmful if you have hep c   Views:75   Added date:Nov 28, 2012

Q:  Hi, I am thinking of buying Inner Health Plus probiotics, but its description states that they should be kept refrigerated. How do you guarantee the tablets will still be effective after you have posted them to me? Regards, Kerri   Views:105   Added date:Dec 01, 2012

Q:  Hi, How much allicin is in the Natures Own 1000mg garlic capsules? Regards, Kerri   Views:14   Added date:Dec 01, 2012

Q:  Do you still have omega3 plus vitamin d product   Views:33   Added date:Dec 03, 2012

Q:  Hi there I'm looking for a non-drowsy antihistamine to give to my six year old daughter who has excema and classic signs of hayfever at this time of the year (ie. itchy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, sneezing). However, most tablets seems to be for people over 12. I'm keen to find something I can give to her once or twice a day so I can give her the medication and then send her off to school. Do you have any suggestions, or should I just halve the dosage on an adult-type antihistamine tablet? She really hates taking liquid medication so I'm trying to avoid that if possible.   Views:17   Added date:Dec 04, 2012

Q:  Can you please confirm that no monitor is required to use these? Many thanks Emma   Views:130   Added date:Dec 04, 2012

Q:  When will Imedeen Prime Renewal be back in stock?   Views:242   Added date:Dec 05, 2012

Q:  When you are going to have the stock of Imedden Prime Renewal 120"s?   Views:89   Added date:Dec 06, 2012

Q:  Q 1: is there a currency conversion on the product? Q 2: Is there a guarantee that the product will arrive before Christmas? I would like it before December 21st 2012   Views:9   Added date:Dec 07, 2012

Q:  Does complan actually help gain weight? if yes for how long do i have to have it? and how often?   Views:295   Added date:Dec 08, 2012

Q:  Could you please tell me when nu lax will be back in N>Z. pharmacies. This is a product I use every night and am having great difficulties in finding anything to replace it.   Views:134   Added date:Dec 09, 2012

Q:  Is this safe to use on babies? Thanks   Views:62   Added date:Dec 10, 2012

Q:  Is it able to be used on Back, Chest and Legs?   Views:345   Added date:Dec 11, 2012

Q:  Hi,Just wondering when you are going to be getting Sunscreen: Invisible Zinc Jetset Tan 150ml , in? I am after a zinc based sunscreen as I am hesitant to add a carcinogenic cream on my families skin. If not, what basic cream do you have that I could add say the zinc oxide baby cream to , to make up a sunscreen myself. Aqueous cream would come of in the water... and ointment may have too much oil in for sunsceens? THanks   Views:13   Added date:Dec 11, 2012

Q:  Hi there, I'm just wondering if you have Nads ingrow solution 125mL in store at the moment? Thanks   Views:69   Added date:Oct 24, 2012

Q:  Hi there, Is Benzac AC (wash & gel) safe to use during pregnancy? Thanks heaps, Sharon   Views:164   Added date:Oct 23, 2012

Q:  HI< if i buy the products in your site , and over the minium charge ,you can ship to hongkong .?? Thankc your help !!   Views:92   Added date:Oct 22, 2012


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