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Q:  Do bifocal contacted lenses come as a daily option   Views:15   Added date:Nov 25, 2012

Q:  is menevit also an antioxidant?   Views:10   Added date:Nov 28, 2012

Q:  ingredients of Mustela nipple cream and nursing comfort balm and 9 month balm   Views:52   Added date:Nov 29, 2012

Q:  Does Lifestream Barley Grass contain iron and if so ,how much?   Views:11   Added date:Nov 25, 2012

Q:  Hi there, I would like to order Pediasure for my daughter. Could you please let me know how I can do that. Thnx   Views:10   Added date:Nov 23, 2012

Q:  is 3 in 1 detox & cleanse harmful if you have hep c   Views:75   Added date:Nov 28, 2012

Q:  Hi, I am thinking of buying Inner Health Plus probiotics, but its description states that they should be kept refrigerated. How do you guarantee the tablets will still be effective after you have posted them to me? Regards, Kerri   Views:116   Added date:Dec 01, 2012

Q:  Hi, How much allicin is in the Natures Own 1000mg garlic capsules? Regards, Kerri   Views:14   Added date:Dec 01, 2012

Q:  Do you still have omega3 plus vitamin d product   Views:35   Added date:Dec 03, 2012

Q:  Hi there I'm looking for a non-drowsy antihistamine to give to my six year old daughter who has excema and classic signs of hayfever at this time of the year (ie. itchy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, sneezing). However, most tablets seems to be for people over 12. I'm keen to find something I can give to her once or twice a day so I can give her the medication and then send her off to school. Do you have any suggestions, or should I just halve the dosage on an adult-type antihistamine tablet? She really hates taking liquid medication so I'm trying to avoid that if possible.   Views:17   Added date:Dec 04, 2012

Q:  Can you please confirm that no monitor is required to use these? Many thanks Emma   Views:140   Added date:Dec 04, 2012

Q:  When will Imedeen Prime Renewal be back in stock?   Views:248   Added date:Dec 05, 2012

Q:  When you are going to have the stock of Imedden Prime Renewal 120"s?   Views:91   Added date:Dec 06, 2012

Q:  Q 1: is there a currency conversion on the product? Q 2: Is there a guarantee that the product will arrive before Christmas? I would like it before December 21st 2012   Views:9   Added date:Dec 07, 2012

Q:  Does complan actually help gain weight? if yes for how long do i have to have it? and how often?   Views:315   Added date:Dec 08, 2012

Q:  Could you please tell me when nu lax will be back in N>Z. pharmacies. This is a product I use every night and am having great difficulties in finding anything to replace it.   Views:154   Added date:Dec 09, 2012

Q:  Is this safe to use on babies? Thanks   Views:62   Added date:Dec 10, 2012

Q:  Is it able to be used on Back, Chest and Legs?   Views:374   Added date:Dec 11, 2012

Q:  Hi,Just wondering when you are going to be getting Sunscreen: Invisible Zinc Jetset Tan 150ml , in? I am after a zinc based sunscreen as I am hesitant to add a carcinogenic cream on my families skin. If not, what basic cream do you have that I could add say the zinc oxide baby cream to , to make up a sunscreen myself. Aqueous cream would come of in the water... and ointment may have too much oil in for sunsceens? THanks   Views:13   Added date:Dec 11, 2012

Q:  Hi there, I'm just wondering if you have Nads ingrow solution 125mL in store at the moment? Thanks   Views:73   Added date:Oct 24, 2012

Q:  Hi there, Is Benzac AC (wash & gel) safe to use during pregnancy? Thanks heaps, Sharon   Views:182   Added date:Oct 23, 2012

Q:  HI< if i buy the products in your site , and over the minium charge ,you can ship to hongkong .?? Thankc your help !!   Views:95   Added date:Oct 22, 2012

Q:  How is difflam mouthgel properly applied - it is difficult   Views:215   Added date:Oct 19, 2012

Q:  can i use nutraplus ointment on my legs for cellulitis ? doctor is not sure if i have cellultis or vericous eczema. thanks ray.   Views:145   Added date:Oct 15, 2012

Q:  can i scan the prescription and send it thru email instead?. thank you.   Views:201   Added date:Oct 19, 2012

Q:  Why is a prescription required when this product is available over the counter   Views:228   Added date:Oct 25, 2012

Q:  I am 21 weeks pregnant - can I take Allersoothe for my itching allergy?   Views:76   Added date:Oct 13, 2012

Q:  Can i do an online consultancy , And have a prescription issued via the internet??? I live in Auckland and have no health issues   Views:225   Added date:Oct 14, 2012

Q:  Cetaphil Moisturising Cream 550g How much would it cost to send it Hamilton ?   Views:104   Added date:Oct 15, 2012

Q:  I have still a balance on my previous prescription, can I re-order with that balance ? Please look into my file or account. This is for Avigra tablets. Tks...   Views:609   Added date:Oct 15, 2012

Q:  I am about to start having sex and I am already very prone to UTI's as are both my sisters and my mother. When my sister started having sex she suffered chronic ongoing UTI's for a prolonged period. I want to avoid this at all cost and have read that taking Cranberry capsules of 10000mg+ and Vitamin C 1000mg will help as a preventative. However I read in some of the vitamin c descriptions that high dosage can decrease contraceptive reliability of the pill (which I am on) and increase chance of break-through bleeding. What do you recommend? Are there femi-wipes that help or do these aggravate? and is there particular types of vitamin C to take as some promote the fact that they are 'non-acidic' when I thought the whole point was to make the urine acidic. As you can see I am rather confused but want to do all that I can to decrease my chances of infection. Please advise. Thanks so much   Views:58   Added date:Oct 16, 2012

Q:  I have been using remefeminin for over 16 months. It took about 8 weeks for me to see results but in the last 10 days I have been having hot flushes and night sweats. It is no longer effective. Should I still be taking it if it no longer works?? Up until 10 days ago I was happy with the product!!   Views:606   Added date:Oct 18, 2012

Q:  Hi, I have been taking this capsules since a week but I have lost my appetite, how would you advice.   Views:457   Added date:Oct 01, 2012

Q:  My mum has cancer and has been put on ensure plus juice, sustagen, fortisio juice, recourse fruit flavours & 2cal hn all once a day to maintain or gain weight. However since she has started on them all she has had diaherrea. Which would be the most likely cause?   Views:205   Added date:Oct 01, 2012

Q:  has k y warming gel gone off the market .we cant seem to find anything as good.   Views:155   Added date:Oct 04, 2012

Q:  can this work to remove genital warts   Views:301   Added date:Oct 04, 2012

Q:  Hi there. I was wondering if this would be suitable for my 4 month old daughter? We're all suffering pretty badly from hayfever at the moment. My 4 year old is on lorapaed (would this be suitable for baby?). I am a wee bit hesitant to try any sort of medication on baby as she is very sensitive and has had reactions to things like gaviscon etc. She is also milk protein and soy allergic. We have used the naturo pharm teeth med spray on her and she was fine. Could you please help! Thank you.   Views:54   Added date:Oct 05, 2012

Q:  Can you tell me please if there is 100 or 120 satchels of sinus rinse in this box. It says 120 on web page and appears to be 100on box thank you   Views:109   Added date:Oct 06, 2012

Q:  Hi, I am currently using Loceryl Nail Lacquer for my toenail and noticed the expiry date is January 2011. What will happen if I continue to use an expired Loceryl as I don't want to have to purchase another packet as it is soo expensive.   Views:21   Added date:Oct 06, 2012

Q:  Hi I have not been able to find Colpermin in Melbourne, do you know if this will get through the custom here ? Thank you   Views:79   Added date:Oct 07, 2012

Q:  Is there a huge difference between mumomega and chela preg vitamin tablets? My doc prescribed mumomega but could not find it so I took the chela preg. Is that fine?   Views:329   Added date:Oct 07, 2012

Q:  Would this size fit my husbands size 13( nz) foot? He has had DVT and needs to wear a sock everyday so would get alot of wear and tear. Would this be suitable?   Views:28   Added date:Oct 09, 2012

Q:  Hi When do you expect this product to be back in stock: OmegaLifeGlucosamine 1500mg Complex+ with Chondroitin 180s Thgank you   Views:24   Added date:Oct 07, 2012

Q:  I'm looking to buy a blood pressure monitor and am trying to decide between standard and deluxe. Could you please tell me if the deluxe is more accurate or what advantages it might have/ Thanks   Views:358   Added date:Oct 07, 2012

Q:  I am interested in purchasing Hedrin for treatment of nits/lice. Is this available in NZ?   Views:124   Added date:Oct 08, 2012

Q:  Can I scan a prescription to you Thanks   Views:224   Added date:Oct 09, 2012

Q:  Does complan make you put on weight if it is all you have every day.   Views:209   Added date:Oct 10, 2012

Q:  Hello,I would like to ask you if B- complex or vitamin B1 could protect me against insect like mosquito. Thank you   Views:10   Added date:Oct 10, 2012

Q:  Badger Suncream says Certified Organic. Who is the certifying body and is this an NZ product.?   Views:30   Added date:Oct 11, 2012

Q:  Hi, what's the expiry date of your stock of Mumomega equazen capsules? Thanks.   Views:6   Added date:Oct 11, 2012


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