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Q:  Hi, do you think my boy who has reflux and also is dairy intolentant can use this?? All im really asking is does this have milk or milk solids or anything relating to milk or soy?? Because he is on gavison but I would rather not use that if I could just use a thickener. Thanks, Sarah   Views:55   Added date:Sep 23, 2011

Q:  Will you be restocking Heliocare pills? Thanks   Views:14   Added date:Sep 23, 2011

Q:  Can I have Buckley's Canadiol mixture sent to australia legally and is the price quoted in Australian dollars? Thank you   Views:435   Added date:Sep 20, 2011

Q:  Hi, I think I have just discovered a threadworm in my 5yr old daughters genitals. What treatment do you reccommend? I will need enough to treat 2 adults, 1 teenager, and 2 kids. Thanks.   Views:128   Added date:Sep 21, 2011

Q:  can be used on genital warts   Views:142   Added date:Sep 22, 2011

Q:  I have a open wound from a mastectomy done 5 and half months ago and its still not closed up, would Mebo wound repair be able to be used and would it be beneficial to aid healing and new skin growth. I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks..   Views:67   Added date:Sep 21, 2011

Q:  will fexofast tablets help for sinus   Views:46   Added date:Sep 19, 2011

Q:   ?Is Rheumon Gel stronger than the Oruvail gel? Do I need a prescription for the Oruvail or the Voltaren Emulgel?   Views:52   Added date:Sep 20, 2011

Q:  Hi there, can the evenflo silicone teats (4pack - slow) be used on PHillips Avent bottles? Thanks   Views:4   Added date:Sep 18, 2011

Q:  Can I get Zomig on prescription from my doctor so I can get it cheaper?   Views:62   Added date:Sep 20, 2011

Q:  How does this product differ from Blis Throat Guard daily, apart from the price?   Views:87   Added date:Sep 20, 2011

Q:  There is an excellent skin tightening product called Nexifirm ( neck/chest. Do you have it /could you obtain it?...Do you have a product which would be as suitable for saggy neck skin   Views:13   Added date:Sep 17, 2011

Q:  Can you suggest knee support for meniscular tear please?   Views:35   Added date:Sep 16, 2011

Q:  what is the difference between the AMO Complete Comfort Plus Soln, and the Complete Easy Rub Multipurpose Solution   Views:14   Added date:Sep 14, 2011

Q:  Can Durex O be used as a simple lubricant which solves the problem of vaginal dryness or we have to use another lubricant along with it? Is any kind of condom suitable with it? Also plz suggest some condoms as we are newly married   Views:369   Added date:Sep 15, 2011

Q:  In Question 424, the Yes baby kit was said to contain no oil based lubricant. However, only the non fertile lubricant was stipulated as being water based. What is the 'fertile times' lubricant base and what makes it different from that used during the non fertile time? Thanks.   Views:9   Added date:Sep 16, 2011

Q:  Hi Does this product permanently remove spider veins, thanks.   Views:9   Added date:Sep 17, 2011

Q:  can i keep using anti aging products during pregnancy????   Views:7   Added date:Sep 17, 2011

Q:  does this probiotic by clinician need refrigeration if not how come?   Views:79   Added date:Sep 17, 2011

Q:  What is the difference between the 'Yes' oil based lubricant and the 'Yes Baby' kit, apart from the fertility sticks?   Views:39   Added date:Sep 15, 2011

Q:  How does the Tanita BC-601 Segmental SD InnerScan Scles monitor work e.g. does a person just stand on the scales? or does a person need to stand on the scales, and also attach some kind of electrode(s) to some part(s) of the body?   Views:21   Added date:Sep 14, 2011

Q:  HI I am interested in the rem Sleep, I take fluoitine an tidepressant so am I still able to use this product. I am on permanent night shift so I would be interested in any other products that may be able to assist as I only get 3 to 4 hour per day and it sin't enough. I prefer not to take sleeping pills although I do have them   Views:115   Added date:Sep 02, 2011

Q:  What is best to use on badly itching insect bites that works really fast? Thanks Christina   Views:116   Added date:Sep 13, 2011

Q:  Neat Feet insoles: Are these full length insoles? I need mens size 11.   Views:58   Added date:Sep 11, 2011

Q:  Is this product suitable for mothers to be to take?   Views:31   Added date:Sep 07, 2011

Q:  are the prices posted on your web site NZ dollars or US? how much will be the shipping charges to the philippines?   Views:46   Added date:Sep 06, 2011

Q:  I have been using Clinicians Vir Active Seasonal for the past 2-3 years and find it marvellous. Today I went to my chemist and they told me they cannot get it any more. Please let me know where I can get it.   Views:19   Added date:Sep 06, 2011

Q:  Hi , my baby is 7 weeks old now, and she got very dry skin on her face ( body skin looks normal ). wondering which product in Mustela arrange is suitable for her face. Many Thanks !   Views:281   Added date:Aug 31, 2011

Q:  What product wd you rec for removal of facial hair on chin area and arms.\?   Views:15   Added date:Sep 01, 2011

Q:  Why has Frador been out of stock for about a year this is the best medication and it being out of stock is a hardship. Hope you can fix this soonest thanks John   Views:525   Added date:Sep 02, 2011

Q:  hey i'm 19 years ol and i also have the same problem.. problem with my sexual life. first time i had se which last only one min. do you think that pill will work??   Views:590   Added date:Sep 02, 2011

Q:  Can you tell me what is different between Naturally-Sourced Omega-3 and Omega-6, please? I currently have this one, but the box's text under the picture is different.   Views:171   Added date:Sep 03, 2011

Q:  Hi there, just wondering if Natures Own is good to use during pregnancy? I like the statement that it has been tested for pesticides and heavy metals including mercury. Mumomega doesn't state this and the total of EPA & DHA is more in the Natures Own? Thanks, look forward to your reply.   Views:132   Added date:Sep 03, 2011

Q:  Sirs, The dosage is 1 , 2 , then 4 tablets. For second and third day, do we take the tablets one time or during the day. i.e. the four tablets in one day together or distributed during the day every 6 hours.   Views:229   Added date:Sep 03, 2011

Q:  I have just watched the YouTube video and wondered if the doctor speaking IS ACTUALLY a doctor in Harley Street in London...I want to know if he is bona fide please.   Views:217   Added date:Sep 01, 2011

Q:  Can this product be taken while breastfeeding?   Views:17   Added date:Aug 30, 2011

Q:  Hi, I have been having on going lower adominal pains for the last 8 months now. I have a scan on my gore bladder, kidneys and liver and they appear to be fine. My doctor thinks it could be something to do with my lower intestine. I heard on the radio they have a capsule out by nutrallife that contains aloe vera and manuka honey. Do you have this? i am awaiting for a ct scan but have to wait 6 - 8weeks. I am a full time and have a two year old daughter. So i was woundering if there was anything that could help with the pain until the scan apart from pain killers. Thanks   Views:104   Added date:Aug 30, 2011

Q:  Is this product available in USA? Any contraindications for patient with heart disease, high blood pressure?   Views:25   Added date:Aug 31, 2011

Q:  Is brown the only colour that you have in natio Eye Pencil. I am despatate to get dark grey Slate I think.   Views:10   Added date:Aug 31, 2011

Q:   Can you guide me whether Egopsoryl TA Gel 30g can be effective against 3-4 year psoriasis nearly on all body parts   Views:109   Added date:Aug 30, 2011

Q:   is nutricia fortimel equal to ensue plus regarding nutrition   Views:29   Added date:Aug 26, 2011

Q:  How many glass of pediasure should i give my baby[19 months old and 4 year old]in a day   Views:10   Added date:Aug 26, 2011

Q:  Hi there, I am looking for a vitamin product that can help with acne. I am a 27 year old woman and think that I could be deficinat in either Zinc or Iron as have been getting a few mouth ulcers also. I would like some advice on what I can take to help clear my skin up. Thanks   Views:34   Added date:Aug 29, 2011

Q:  can pregnant woman use gastropac when they have gastro, expecting 5 months.   Views:56   Added date:Aug 25, 2011

Q:  How do I get my Dr's perscription to you.I have just taken my script for 12 avigra to a local pharmacy ,was charged $98.65 and and get home to find only 4 tabs an two repeats of 4 tabs   Views:1604   Added date:Aug 25, 2011

Q:  Does Sustagen contain an appetite stimulant? Thanks.   Views:122   Added date:Aug 25, 2011

Q:  do you only pay courier for each order or each item?   Views:507   Added date:Aug 25, 2011

Q:  Hi, I started taking the Blackmores Conceive Gold in July. Everything seem ok. But for the past 2 days after taking both pills after my breakfast. I feel uncomfortable. Abit nauseous and giddy. I left with 6 doses to finish my 1st box. Should I stop? Is this normal? I was ovulating 4 days ago. Can it be the cause too? Thanks   Views:58   Added date:Aug 25, 2011

Q:  Because I am on Epilm Calciun and Iron should not be included in a multivitamin for me. Which one do you suggest would suit me?   Views:15   Added date:Aug 24, 2011

Q:  Can I give a 3 month old Medijel for teething   Views:159   Added date:Aug 23, 2011


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