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Q:  Can i do an online consultancy , And have a prescription issued via the internet??? I live in Auckland and have no health issues   Views:119   Added date:Oct 14, 2012

Q:  Cetaphil Moisturising Cream 550g How much would it cost to send it Hamilton ?   Views:50   Added date:Oct 15, 2012

Q:  I have still a balance on my previous prescription, can I re-order with that balance ? Please look into my file or account. This is for Avigra tablets. Tks...   Views:442   Added date:Oct 15, 2012

Q:  I am about to start having sex and I am already very prone to UTI's as are both my sisters and my mother. When my sister started having sex she suffered chronic ongoing UTI's for a prolonged period. I want to avoid this at all cost and have read that taking Cranberry capsules of 10000mg+ and Vitamin C 1000mg will help as a preventative. However I read in some of the vitamin c descriptions that high dosage can decrease contraceptive reliability of the pill (which I am on) and increase chance of break-through bleeding. What do you recommend? Are there femi-wipes that help or do these aggravate? and is there particular types of vitamin C to take as some promote the fact that they are 'non-acidic' when I thought the whole point was to make the urine acidic. As you can see I am rather confused but want to do all that I can to decrease my chances of infection. Please advise. Thanks so much   Views:48   Added date:Oct 16, 2012

Q:  I have been using remefeminin for over 16 months. It took about 8 weeks for me to see results but in the last 10 days I have been having hot flushes and night sweats. It is no longer effective. Should I still be taking it if it no longer works?? Up until 10 days ago I was happy with the product!!   Views:185   Added date:Oct 18, 2012

Q:  Hi, I have been taking this capsules since a week but I have lost my appetite, how would you advice.   Views:204   Added date:Oct 01, 2012

Q:  My mum has cancer and has been put on ensure plus juice, sustagen, fortisio juice, recourse fruit flavours & 2cal hn all once a day to maintain or gain weight. However since she has started on them all she has had diaherrea. Which would be the most likely cause?   Views:201   Added date:Oct 01, 2012

Q:  has k y warming gel gone off the market .we cant seem to find anything as good.   Views:80   Added date:Oct 04, 2012

Q:  can this work to remove genital warts   Views:165   Added date:Oct 04, 2012

Q:  Hi there. I was wondering if this would be suitable for my 4 month old daughter? We're all suffering pretty badly from hayfever at the moment. My 4 year old is on lorapaed (would this be suitable for baby?). I am a wee bit hesitant to try any sort of medication on baby as she is very sensitive and has had reactions to things like gaviscon etc. She is also milk protein and soy allergic. We have used the naturo pharm teeth med spray on her and she was fine. Could you please help! Thank you.   Views:30   Added date:Oct 05, 2012

Q:  Can you tell me please if there is 100 or 120 satchels of sinus rinse in this box. It says 120 on web page and appears to be 100on box thank you   Views:54   Added date:Oct 06, 2012

Q:  Hi, I am currently using Loceryl Nail Lacquer for my toenail and noticed the expiry date is January 2011. What will happen if I continue to use an expired Loceryl as I don't want to have to purchase another packet as it is soo expensive.   Views:19   Added date:Oct 06, 2012

Q:  Hi I have not been able to find Colpermin in Melbourne, do you know if this will get through the custom here ? Thank you   Views:32   Added date:Oct 07, 2012

Q:  Is there a huge difference between mumomega and chela preg vitamin tablets? My doc prescribed mumomega but could not find it so I took the chela preg. Is that fine?   Views:291   Added date:Oct 07, 2012

Q:  Would this size fit my husbands size 13( nz) foot? He has had DVT and needs to wear a sock everyday so would get alot of wear and tear. Would this be suitable?   Views:27   Added date:Oct 09, 2012

Q:  Hi When do you expect this product to be back in stock: OmegaLifeGlucosamine 1500mg Complex+ with Chondroitin 180s Thgank you   Views:22   Added date:Oct 07, 2012

Q:  I'm looking to buy a blood pressure monitor and am trying to decide between standard and deluxe. Could you please tell me if the deluxe is more accurate or what advantages it might have/ Thanks   Views:353   Added date:Oct 07, 2012

Q:  I am interested in purchasing Hedrin for treatment of nits/lice. Is this available in NZ?   Views:43   Added date:Oct 08, 2012

Q:  Can I scan a prescription to you Thanks   Views:113   Added date:Oct 09, 2012

Q:  Does complan make you put on weight if it is all you have every day.   Views:120   Added date:Oct 10, 2012

Q:  Hello,I would like to ask you if B- complex or vitamin B1 could protect me against insect like mosquito. Thank you   Views:8   Added date:Oct 10, 2012

Q:  Badger Suncream says Certified Organic. Who is the certifying body and is this an NZ product.?   Views:23   Added date:Oct 11, 2012

Q:  Hi, what's the expiry date of your stock of Mumomega equazen capsules? Thanks.   Views:6   Added date:Oct 11, 2012

Q:  This product says on the front of it Perfect grey coverage. Yet on the back it says This shade 01 is not suitable for grey hair. Also it says this shade is not recommended over bleached hair all in small print. I have blonde hair colour which is already coloured so I bought this product but didn't read the back as it says on the front what I just mentioned. I cannot take it back as the Warehouse won't take it back it is false advertising on the front. And what would happen if I used it on my hair?   Views:7   Added date:Oct 11, 2012

Q:  HI Regarding to Priligy pills for PE treatment. is this kind of pill safe to take for someone with PE problem? any bad side effect and depandance? how much is it?   Views:43   Added date:Oct 11, 2012

Q:  Hi. I read that this is not good to take during pregnancy, however i took some a day before ovulation (currently trying to conceive), at the time not thinking about it. Could this have any affect on conceiving? I have stopped taking it, only took 1 1/2 ml.   Views:129   Added date:Aug 27, 2012

Q:  hi im wondering if this is good to help me get prengant iv currently been taken these 4 da last couply of days   Views:141   Added date:Sep 02, 2012

Q:  is this cream very potent? Does affect the stomach   Views:145   Added date:Aug 26, 2012

Q:  Can Clinicians capsules for stress and energy support be taken while taking St Johns Wort?   Views:29   Added date:Aug 20, 2012

Q:  Is there a larger size,eg 1 litre? What is the dilution rate?   Views:33   Added date:Aug 18, 2012

Q:  hi just want to know if you stock red seal multi vitamins with minerals thanks and how much   Views:6   Added date:Sep 08, 2012

Q:  Does Molicare have free samples of large incontinence pants for men or for unisex?   Views:95   Added date:Sep 05, 2012

Q:  Hi what month do you start taking Flixonaise please?   Views:63   Added date:Sep 10, 2012

Q:  Hi there Just enquiring is the Mebo range licensed in New Zealand   Views:32   Added date:Sep 10, 2012

Q:  Do you still have Tanita Scales - UM 073? If so please let me know how to order online. Thank you   Views:4   Added date:Sep 12, 2012

Q:  first of all came you please tell me if this is ae new zealand shop then i will return with more questions cheers   Views:165   Added date:Aug 31, 2012

Q:  Hi there. I am looking at the optifast products. Is there anyway of telling me how many carbs and or sugars are in these products? I am currently on the Atkins diet, and have lost 30kgs since March, but my wedding is coming up very soon and I need all the extra help I can get as I'm still 180kgs lol. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks   Views:33   Added date:Aug 31, 2012

Q:  what's the expire date for Cetaphil: Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Moisturiser 295ml? Thanks   Views:62   Added date:Aug 17, 2012

Q:  can I use Refresh Plus drops while still wearing my contact lenses?   Views:89   Added date:Aug 15, 2012

Q:  From what age is this suitable?   Views:79   Added date:Aug 11, 2012

Q:  Hi there, Is there an ingredient in this product that prevents infection or is it the moisturizing that heals the skin and therefore prevents infection.???   Views:49   Added date:Aug 14, 2012

Q:  hi - i have just bought some healtherie fish oil capsules and have just tried to take them and they got stuck in the back of my throat two times i tried to swallow them so had to throw them back up. do you stock any fish oil capsules that come in mini capsule form?   Views:5   Added date:Aug 15, 2012

Q:  Why would a doctor prescribe 100mg avigra as opposed to 25mg or 50mg ?   Views:978   Added date:Aug 16, 2012

Q:  Omron Blood pressure monitors Are you able to tell me the difference between the HEM7200 you are advertising and the 1A1 model and the HEM 7221 ?   Views:312   Added date:Aug 16, 2012

Q:  Hi there, can this solution be used by women? Also does it contain any hormones.   Views:165   Added date:Aug 17, 2012

Q:  Hi My Son is 7months old, 5months corrected and has a dairy intolerance and has been prescribed Pepti Junior formula. He also has really bad reflux and is on losec and gaviscon but we are still having issues with spilling, does the Karicare food thickener contain dairy? We are not seeing his pead for another 7weeks. Thanks   Views:49   Added date:Aug 06, 2012

Q:  so where do I get the meds for the machine, I suffer bronicle asthma   Views:213   Added date:Aug 06, 2012

Q:  Hi, just want to know if this is very effective as i have lots of pores and the occassional pimple and just wondering if this will help me have clearer and softer skin.   Views:17   Added date:Aug 08, 2012

Q:  I have bought avigra with my prescription and still have 3 repeats till the end of October. Can I buy Avigra from you with my repeat note or do I need another prescription?   Views:1083   Added date:Aug 04, 2012

Q:  Can you buy Remifemin Sleep in packets of more than 30 at a time   Views:120   Added date:Jul 30, 2012


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