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Q:  I have still a balance on my previous prescription, can I re-order with that balance ? Please look into my file or account. This is for Avigra tablets. Tks...   Views:437   Added date:Oct 15, 2012

Q:  I was just reading about the Mustela instant comfort legs. I was just wondering if it is only for pregent woman or can anyone use it. Thanx   Views:11   Added date:Aug 20, 2013

Q:  My son had these when he was five and it seemed to greatly improve his concentration. He has aspergers. He is 17 now and having problems focusing at school. Is there anything with similar ingredients that are made for adults, and not too expensive?   Views:4   Added date:Aug 20, 2013

Q:  Does this have a warranty?   Views:122   Added date:May 06, 2009

Q:  Apart from Ural/what else could I try to help with constant need to pass water?   Views:45   Added date:Mar 29, 2009

Q:  What are the side effects of Blackmores Omega Brain?   Views:56   Added date:Mar 30, 2009

Q:  I am on high blood & Metformin tablets can I take Rasberry Ketone capsules   Views:161   Added date:Oct 15, 2013

Q:  is this cream very potent? Does affect the stomach   Views:141   Added date:Aug 26, 2012

Q:  Hi. I read that this is not good to take during pregnancy, however i took some a day before ovulation (currently trying to conceive), at the time not thinking about it. Could this have any affect on conceiving? I have stopped taking it, only took 1 1/2 ml.   Views:120   Added date:Aug 27, 2012

Q:  hello Could you please tell me when the adult epipen expires. Thanks   Views:151   Added date:Aug 27, 2013

Q:  Good morning just wondering if ok to give a tablet to our dog, to stop him from itiching?   Views:64   Added date:Aug 25, 2013

Q:  Hi I have fibromyalgia which of the two magnesium supplements would be best to take.   Views:68   Added date:Aug 21, 2013

Q:  What is the expire date?thanks   Views:19   Added date:Aug 21, 2013

Q:  Hi, will this product work for male with oral thrush symptoms ?   Views:136   Added date:Oct 26, 2013

Q:  Can your AVIGRA tablets be paid for using bank cheque, bank transfer ? Please advise. Thank you.   Views:4   Added date:Aug 31, 2013

Q:  I am just wondering if the Executive B Stress formula is safe to take when you are pregnant? I have found this product very helpful in dealing with daily stressors, however I have just found out I am pregnant and would like to know if I can continue to take it.   Views:74   Added date:Mar 31, 2009

Q:  Is this product (EPO + fish oil) safe to use while trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy?   Views:54   Added date:Apr 01, 2009

Q:  I have recently had an issue with small annoying little pimples around my mouth region. Some of them I popped and by doing that they have scared my skin on my face, Now I have dark spots around the mouth, upper lip and both sides of the mouth. It looks like its bacterial and I just wanted to know Will the Aloe Vera Gel help rid of the scares and clear the dark black spots, from the pimples that were popped on my face?   Views:26   Added date:Aug 17, 2013

Q:  I am taking Lipitor 10mg and read I should take Coenzyme Q10 - what dosage would you recommend and should it be in capsule form which includes an oil?   Views:33   Added date:Apr 02, 2009

Q:  Can the use of 30 Plus interfere with the oral contraceptive pill or it's effectiveness?   Views:142   Added date:Apr 04, 2009

Q:  Is the gelatin in this Bioglan Vita Smart Omega 3 Fish Oil made from pork?   Views:64   Added date:Aug 26, 2013

Q:  May i know the expired date of the Cetaphil--- Skin restoring body moisturiser. thanks.   Views:50   Added date:Aug 18, 2013

Q:  Is Thompsons B Complex supplement known to benefit those suffering from premature greying of the hair?   Views:46   Added date:Apr 11, 2009

Q:  Is it safe to take Berocca during pregnancy?   Views:7   Added date:Sep 19, 2013

Q:  Does this run on batteries, or does it need a power-point? Are the toothbrushes brush-end down, or up, when being treated?   Views:30   Added date:Apr 19, 2009

Q:  Is it safe to take these in conjunction with Lipex medication?   Views:27   Added date:Apr 19, 2009

Q:  What shades do Natio do in their mineral make-up?   Views:48   Added date:Apr 20, 2009

Q:  What does this product do?   Views:264   Added date:Apr 22, 2009

Q:  I'm looking for gauze or padding just to cover a wound and absorb. I see at the doctors they have little stacks of gauze and can cut them to size. Do you stock any thing like this something that is cheap enough to change dressing regularly. I like to buy a decent pack of something like this to cope with my childrens many mishaps like bike grazes etc.   Views:22   Added date:May 04, 2009

Q:  What is the nicest tasting bar from the Optifast range?   Views:266   Added date:Apr 23, 2009

Q:  I would like to read the research done on this product. Would you please advise where I can do this?   Views:196   Added date:Apr 23, 2009

Q:  can i scan the prescription and send it thru email instead?. thank you.   Views:173   Added date:Oct 19, 2012

Q:  As well as relieving itching, does Eurax Cream also kill scabies?   Views:306   Added date:Apr 26, 2009

Q:  Why is a prescription required when this product is available over the counter   Views:161   Added date:Oct 25, 2012

Q:  I have bacterial vaginosis which has been treated by my Doctor with antibiotics although it has returned. Is there any product I can buy from the shelf to help this?   Views:78   Added date:May 01, 2009

Q:  what's the expire date for Cetaphil: Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Moisturiser 295ml? Thanks   Views:61   Added date:Aug 17, 2012

Q:  Hi there, can this solution be used by women? Also does it contain any hormones.   Views:165   Added date:Aug 17, 2012

Q:  Will this product help hide vitiligo marks? Also will it fade in the swimming pool?   Views:22   Added date:May 06, 2009

Q:  I have a bottle of Exfoliating cream. How do I use this product?   Views:31   Added date:May 02, 2009

Q:  Are there any adverse effects or contraindications with the use of QV FEET Footsure Talc?   Views:20   Added date:May 02, 2009

Q:  I'm deciding between two health products to aid in my exercise routine - Nutralife Balance Ion Exchange Whey Protein and Nutralife Balance 100% Whey Protein Powder. Which one of these products is best for muscle gain and repair?   Views:29   Added date:May 22, 2009

Q:  Is the Thompsons B Vitamin Complex tablets safe for use in pregnancy?   Views:42   Added date:May 22, 2009

Q:  What is suitable to give a child of 6 for ADHD?   Views:30   Added date:May 22, 2009

Q:  Is this product safe for children? I read in the newspaper it was not anymore.   Views:187   Added date:May 07, 2009

Q:  Why would a doctor prescribe 100mg avigra as opposed to 25mg or 50mg ?   Views:972   Added date:Aug 16, 2012

Q:  Omron Blood pressure monitors Are you able to tell me the difference between the HEM7200 you are advertising and the 1A1 model and the HEM 7221 ?   Views:311   Added date:Aug 16, 2012

Q:  Does one need a prescription to buy "Inner Health Plus" capsules? Thanks.   Views:106   Added date:May 07, 2009

Q:  Is this safe to use when you are pregnant?   Views:85   Added date:May 13, 2009

Q:  Hi there, Is there an ingredient in this product that prevents infection or is it the moisturizing that heals the skin and therefore prevents infection.???   Views:47   Added date:Aug 14, 2012

Q:  can I use Refresh Plus drops while still wearing my contact lenses?   Views:89   Added date:Aug 15, 2012


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