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Aircycle Foot & Hand Exerciser

Aircycle Foot & Hand Exerciser
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Aircycle Foot & Hand Exerciser

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Aircycle Foot & Hand Exerciser
The Aircycle provides a natural means of arthritis care that helps to relieve pain and maintain joint flexibility.  It also provides a means to gentle exercise to help build muscle strength and provide diabetic foot care whilst also reducing the chance of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and easing aches, cramps, pains and ankle swelling.
Arthritis Care
Conditions such as arthritis have a major impact on your lifestyle and day to day routine, but you can help to manage its impact.   The Aircycle offers you a natural and effective self management tool.  As a more proactive approach to managing your physical health, the Aircycle helps to improve circulation, to relieve the pain of arthritis, and enable you to maintain joint flexibility.
Exercise & Diabetic Foot Care
As we get older, finding a way to exercise that our bodies can cope with can become a difficult task.   The Air cycle gives you a way to exercise that couldn't be easier, or more effective.  Build muscle, get proactive diabetic foot care, and improve circulation in the comfort of your home, car, or office. You'll love the improvement it has on your day to day ease of movement!
Maintaining good circulation to and in the feet is a key factor in diabetic foot care, as ulcers and other foot problems can often occur and go undetected – sometimes leading to amputation.  The Air cycle cannot change or cure your diabetes, but it can help stimulate and maintain the circulation in your feet. Creating a whirlpool action, the Aircycle pumps fresh blood into your feet and throughout your lower body making it an effective preventative diabetic foot treatment.
Circulation Booster
It is a great circulation booster and that is why exercise 2 (treadle action – working the calf muscle pump) reduces swollen ankles (odema) so quickly (gets rid of accumulated fluid).  It also helps avoid numbness and loss of feeling (Diabetic foot complications), gets rid of night cramps (almost 100% guaranteed) and is also a great travel product (to help avoid DVT – Blood clotting and ankle swelling on flights.
DVT prevention
Sitting down for long periods of time inhibits the circulation of blood around the body, often resulting in relentless aches, pains, cramps, swollen ankles, and even Deep Vein Thrombosis - which can be life threatening.
The Aircycle is fantastic for travellers, office workers, and older people, providing a way of improving circulation that's convenient, gentle, and effective! Pop it in your bag or pocket for use anywhere, anytime. 
Suffering from Night Cramps?
Doing Aircycle exericses during the evening can help stop them. People report they sleep much better after using the Aircycle before bed – cramps and restless legs and pain from ankle swelling are all relieved before sleeping.
The Aircycle is made in a soft, strong, urethane fabric with a “feel good” texture. It is easily washed and disinfected, is listed with Medsafe and has a lifetime guarantee against faulty manufacture.  It is recommended by arthritis educators, diabetes clinics, physiotherapists and podiatrists.
  • Boosts Circulation
  • Relieves arthritic pain
  • Reduces foot & ankles swelling
  • Foot care for diabetic foot problems
  • Strengthens muscles to improve balance & mobility
  • Portable - small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Fully washable
  • Lifetime Guarantee


Directions for use:
The Aircycle is designed to be easy and convenient to use.
It is easily inflated for instant use and quickly deflated for ease of transportation - either in your pocket, purse or bag! Use it at home, in your car, on the plane, or at the office!
Step 1: Easily inflated

First you need to inflate the Aircycle.
It's very easy to do; just blow into the valve a few times.  It takes only seconds as the device isn't big and you only need enough air to fill up one side of the Aircycle.
Enough air is blown in to fill one chamber completely, while the other chamber is left empty - allowing maximum movement and effect.
Step 2: Use in the comfort of your chair

Sitting in a comfortable chair (in the car, at your desk, on the plane, or in front of the TV) place your feet on the two foot shaped chambers. For the best results, use the Aircycle with socks or bare feet.
The Aircycle works by being " pedalled" so that the air from one chamber is pushed into the other; all you need to do is push down the left side with the left foot and then the right side with the right foot and repeat. 
Doing this imitates a pedalling or walking action, exercising the muscles and joints from the hips down to the feet, gently encouraging increased blood flow and natural movement.
By rotating it 90 degrees you can move your feet in a treadle action, pressing down with the heels and then rocking them forward onto your toes to transfer the air from one chamber to the other. 
This action works the calf muscles, and acts as the most effective exercise in promoting circulation, facilitating the reduction of ankle swelling, warming hands and feet, reducing cramps and relieving aching and heavy legs. It is also effective in strengthening the leg muscles and improving joint flexibility, especially in the ankles.
The exercises for the hands use the same techniques as for the feet and legs, using the treadle and pedal movements to improve your circulation and give you both upper and lower body benefits.
Placing the Aircycle on your lap you can effectively improve the circulation in your fingers, hands, wrists and arms.  It's the perfect exercise for stiffness and pain in your fingers and hands, warming the hands and increasing your joint flexibility for improved agility.  It is also helpful after spending long hours at the computer for relaxing your fingers and wrists, avoiding OOS (or RSI), and relieving shoulder and neck tension. 
Recommended use of at least 3 times per day

Extended Information:


- Do you have arthritis, diabetes, or Parkinson's and want to start proactively managing your condition?

- Are you tired of suffering from swollen feet, ankles, and legs due to poor circulation and fluid retention?

- Are you fed up with having poor blood circulation, cramps, restless legs, and cold feet and hands?

- Would you like to ease the cramps and aching, heavy legs that come with sitting down for long periods of time?

- Do you have trouble walking, but would like to maintain and strengthen your muscles, as well as improve your balance, and joint flexibility?

- Would you like to avoid ankle swelling and help prevent DVT when travelling?

- Are you looking for a way to relieve shoulder tension, and wrist and finger pain when spending long hours at the computer?
The Aircycle is helpful for...
Swollen ankles
Stiff joints
Weak muscles
Varicose veins
Aching legs
Restless legs
Cold hands and feet
Improving mobility
Travelling (DVT)
Office workers
Multiple Schlerosis
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