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*BabySoothe Cream 45g - Expiry 25/09/20

*BabySoothe Cream 45g - Expiry 25/09/20
*BabySoothe Cream 45g - Expiry 25/09/20
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*BabySoothe Cream 45g - Expiry 25/09/20
BabySoothe (formerly Pediacyn) Eczema and Nappy Rash Control 45g
BabySoothe dermatological gel is designed to control eczema, nappy rash and dermatitis.  With unique MicroHeal technology, which is non-steroidal and non-antibiotic, BabySoothe has the following uses:
  • Moisturises damaged and inflamed skin
  • Protects from bacteria and fungi, which are known to cause infections
  • Helps heals skin damage faster
  • Reduces itch
  • Reduces Redness
Eczema, nappy rash and dermatitis have an itch scratch cycle making irritating symptoms last longer.  The affected area becomes inflamed and itchy which is then scratched, creating further skin damage, infection risk and inflammation. Inflammation causes the itch and irritation.
BabySoothe is able to break this cycle and is clinically proven to improve even difficult symptoms such as itch.  In a clinical trial BabySoothe use reduced itch by 85% in just 3 days.
BabySoothe is safe for use in sensitive areas including the nappy area, face, neck and around the mouth and eyes. Suitable for use when users are exposed to sunlight.
Will not stain or discolour clothes, bedding, towels or other fabrics.
Active Ingredients:

MicroHeal ® Super-Oxidised Solution technology, Water, Polydimethylsiloxane, sodium magnesium flurorosilicate, ancillary substances.



For best results apply 3 times daily to affected area.  In the case of nappy rash management or prevention use BabySoothe with every change.

1. Clean the affected area

2. Let the skin dry. Do not rub with a towel

3. Cover the affected area with BabySoothe and gently rub until it is evenly distributed

4. If required, apply your preferred moisturiser once BabySoothe is in place.


  • Do not use if hypersensitive to sodium hypochlorite or hypochlorous acid.
  • For external use only not for injection or consumption.
  • If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional

Extended Information:
BabySoothe is used for the care of lesions associated with Eczema, Nappy Rash and Dermatitis. BabySoothe is used as an adjuvant in the wound healing process with wounds that can only heal by secondary intention in maturation phase.
BabySoothe assists with moistening while forming a protective barrier against physical, chemical and microbial invasion of skin damage. Medsafe WAND listed and TGA registered.
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