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Caya Contoured Diaphragm - Birth Control

Caya Contoured Diaphragm - Birth Control
Caya Contoured Diaphragm - Birth Control
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Caya Contoured Diaphragm - Birth Control
Caya Contoured Diaphragm - Birth Control
The Cayaź diaphragm is a new, safe contraceptive. It was developed together with users in an intensive research process in the USA. Cayaź is inserted into the vagina, just like a tampon. Then it is placed directly in front of the cervix to prevent sperm cells from entering. The ease of use and safety has been studied in extensively tested1
1 Schwartz, J.L. et al.: Contraceptive Effectiveness and Safety Study of SILCS Diaphragm: the Pivotal Study, 2012.
Cayaź fits me
Cayaź contoured diaphragm is a contraceptive device for all women who want to use natural and safe contraception.
It is suitable for women:
  • who can't or don't want to use hormonal methods (e.g. due to increased risk of thrombosis)
  • who can't or don't want to use an IUD
  • who are breastfeeding
  • who want contraception only when necessary
  • after giving birth/between two pregnancies
  • who are allergic to latex
  • in combination with natural methods of family planning (e.g. symtothermal method)


Innovation: Easy to use – no size fitting necessary!
Thanks to its anatomical and ergonomic shape, the Cayaź diaphragm fits most women (98%). The fitting of a size by a professional as required for traditional, round diaphragms, is not needed.
Women who have already used a traditional diaphragm in the size of 65, 70, 75 or 80 mm for contraception can use the Cayaź contoured diaphragm immediately. No fitting is necessary.
Women who are not sure whether they can use a Cayaź diaphragm can contact a professional (physician or a family planning centre).
The Cayaź contoured diaphragm is a new female contraceptive barrier device.
The shape of the Cayaź diaphragm is designed to fit the female anatomy. This shape and size fits a broad range of women.
  • Cervical cup: Accommodates a range of cervical sizes. Thin, covers the cervix, not felt during intercourse
  • Rim: Flexible, provides stability and helps guide the Cayaź deep into the vagina as the woman pushes on the anterior edge. Holds the diaphragm in place and ensures that it is positioned correctly
  • Grip dimples: Orient the woman's finger and provide a tactile cue for where to hold and squeeze the rim
  • Removal dome: Allows for easy removal; a woman's finger can fit under or over the dome to remove the device
  • Centre point: palpable centre point for a better positioning of the diaphragm


Triple Safety: Cayaź diaphragm and Cayaź Gel guarantee safety
Cayaź offers triple safety
The silicone membrane acts as a mechanical barrier immediately in front of the cervix. The solid rim of the Cayaź safely covers the cervix.
CayaźGel forms, by means of the cellulose (gel-forming agent), an additional physical barrier in front of the cervix.
Cayaź Gel has an acidic pH value of 3.8, which deactivates sperm cells. At the same time, this pH value has a positive effect on the vaginal fluid and offers protection from vaginal infections.
  • in the first 6 weeks after childbirth
  • when a conventional diaphragm of 60mm and smaller OR 85mm and larger were previously used
  • in cases of strong descent of the pelvic floor (flat vault) / uterine prolapse
  • not to be used with lubricant gel containing silicone (dimethicone)


Extended Information:
Cayaź - Safety, ease of use and comfort have been proven in clinical studies.
The innovative form and function of Cayaź were studied and tested in several independent studies1–4 in the US.
In a multicentre clinical trial by CONRAD4, at 10 centres in the US the reliability was examined: In 450 couples, the risk of pregnancy, safety, acceptance of the contraception method and fit were tested.
In case of correct application of the Cayaź diaphragm the 12-month risk of pregnancy was found to amount to 13.7 %. This value is not the Pearl Index which defines method safety determined in the long term of use
The Pearl Index for diaphragms is comparable to that of natural rubber latex condoms for males.
1 Mauck C, Lai JJ, Schwartz J, Weiner D, et al. Diaphragms in clinical trials: is clinician fitting necessary? Contraception 2004; 69:263-266.
2 Yang CC, Maravilla K, Kilbourne-Brook M, Austin G, et al. Magnetic resonance imaging of SILCS diaphragm:anatomical consideration and corroboration with clinical fit. Contraception 2007; 76: 238-244.
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4 Schwartz JL, Weiner D, Lai JJ, et al. Contraceptive efficacy, safety, and acceptability of SILCS, a novel single-sized diaphragm used with contraceptive gel. [Final Report]. Data not yet published.
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