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Good health is a right, not a privilege.

Pet Care

Here at Pharmacy Direct we believe good health is a right and not a privilege. That applies to our furry, feathery or scaly family members too! That's why we have our Pet Care Category dedicated to helping keep the pets of New Zealand happy and healthy!


BioPet products are an innovative blend of compound herbal & homeopathic ingredients and the culmination of 15 year’s clinical veterinary experience. Designed specifically for animals' by Head of Research and Development Fiona Lane, in conjunction with a leading Veterinary Homeopath. BioPet products enable you to use natural medicine for your pet health needs.

Dental 90ml

Supports pet’s immune response to tartar, sore gums & bad breath.

RRP $39.90

OUR PRICE $37.10

Joints 90ml

Supports pet’s natural healing response to stiff, sore joints & limited mobility.

RRP $39.90

OUR PRICE $37.10

Skin 90ml

Supports pet’s immune response to itchy skin, exzema and odour. 

RRP $39.90

OUR PRICE $37.10


We like things just the way nature made them. So you won’t find any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our products.

All our ingredients are ethical, natural and can be traced back to source. While we’ve chosen the very best possible ingredients we can find, we don’t just think “box ticked, job done”. We’re always searching formore effective natural ingredients and solutions.

Original WashBar Soap for Dogs 100g

Excellent solution for an everyday clean but gentle enough to use on a variety of skin conditions.


Manuka + Kakadu Itch Soothe Shampoo 250ml

 100% natural and made with a powerful blend of bio-active botanical extracts to relieve itching and scratching as well as soothe sore and inflamed skin.

OUR PRICE $23.60

Neem + Repel Flea Repellent for Dogs 40ml

Many people are concerned about the safety of chemical flea treatments. WashBar 100% Natural Flea Repellent for Dogs offers you a completely natural, chemical free option.

OUR PRICE $14.55


ETHICS PestiGon Spot-On provides an effective solution to flea and tick infestations in cats and dogs. Once applied, the active ingredients in Pestigon break the life cycle of the flea, ensuring your pet is not re-infested and your home is kept flea free.

Spot-On Solution for Cats - 3 Pack

A spot on solution for cats that can be safely used to treat, prevent & control Flea, Tick & Biting Lice infestations

RRP $34.95

OUR PRICE $24.75

Spot-On Solution for Small Dogs - 3 Pack

A spot on solution for Small Dogs bewteen 2-10kg that can be safely used to treat, prevent & control Flea, Tick & Biting Lice infestations.

RRP $34.95

OUR PRICE $24.75

Spot-On Solution for Large Dogs - 3 Pack

A spot on solution for Small Dogs bewteen 20-40kg that can be safely used to treat, prevent & control Flea, Tick & Biting Lice infestations.

RRP $34.95

OUR PRICE $24.75


We’re passionate about making exceptional pet care products that keep our pets healthier for longer, so we can create more happy memories with our best friends.

Flea Rinse 125ml

Fido's Flea Rinse For Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens and Cage Birds.

OUR PRICE $17.70

Emu Oil Shampoo 250ml

A luxurious, soap free shampoo containing Australian emu oil. Adds gloss and shine.

OUR PRICE $16.80

Oatmeal & Baking Soda Shampoo 250ml

Effectively cleans and deodorises while moisturising the skin and is ideal for use on pets with dry, irritated or just plain smelly skin and coat.

OUR PRICE $16.80


pH Balance Grooming Productts.

Neem Flea Spray 250ml

A Daily Grooming Spray with natural actives Neem & Quassia to aid in the elimination and prevention of fleas.

RRP $31.90

OUR PRICE $29.50

Shampoo 480ml - Coconut

Formulated with botanical extracts to nourish and maintain healthy skin and coat, to keep your pet looking their best.

RRP $28.90

OUR PRICE $26.60

Deodorising Spritzer 250ml - Apple

Formulated using quality Botanical Extracts and Essential Oils to nourish and maintain healthy coat and skin and neutralize offensive odours

RRP $29.90

OUR PRICE $27.50


Equine Magic Cream 100g

Made with UMF 15+ Manyka Honey fo Horses with open wounds, Mud Fever, Cracked Skin, Sunburn, Cover Rubs, Cracked Lips, Bit rub and other skin breaks or ailments.

RRP$ 29.90

OUR PRICE $26.50

Bach Rescue Remedy PET Drops 10mL

Rescue Remedy Pet is an alcohol free variation of the original stress relieving formula Rescue Remedy.

RRP $23.99

OUR PRICE $18.90

Pet Widget Intelligent Pet ID Tag - Cyan

Badge Style is intelligent pet ID that will help reunite you, and your pet, if it’s ever lost. It allows you control over a comprehensive pet identification profile that is retrievable via an integrated QR code, or Near-field communication (NFC) technology

OUR PRICE $32.00

PetMagic Cream 50g - For Topical Skin Ailments

This formulation contains a high percentage of UMF Manuka Honey and natural Oils that help in healing minor cuts, abrasions, rashes, burns and topical skin irritations. Gentle but strong enough to fight off most skin ailments.

RRP $21.90

OUR PRICE $19.50

Naturo Pharm Pet-Med Joint Support Spray 25ml

 Formulated to support your pets natural response to joint difficulties and helps maintain healthy joint mobility and suppleness.

RRP $23.00

OUR PRICE $19.40

Harker Herbals Klenzpet 100ml

Developed especially for pets. Encourages decimation & gentle removal of parasites (liver flukes + worms) from the intestinal tract, blood, glands & organs to encourage better health. 

RRP $19.00

OUR PRICE $15.50




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