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Check Out Our First Aid Category!

Do you have a First Aid Box?, When was the last time you looked in it, only to find what you need, is missing? Or Perhaps you need more wound dressings? Well now you have no excuse to not have it. We have everything you need for your First Aid kit at the best possible prices!


First Aid Kits

Whether you need a kit for your car or a kit for home that has you prepared for almost anything we are here to help! Pharmacy Direct have pre-made first aid kits to suit almost any situation and budget!

USL Medical Everyday Comprehensive First Aid Kit 3L

One of New Zealands biggest importers and assemblers of top grade first aid kits. USL Consumer First Aid Kits are high quality, attractive and cover all requirements.

RRP $65.00

Our Price $50.95

SurgiPack First Aid Kit - Home/Office

A prefect first aid kit for the home or office.

RRP $40.15

Our Price $39.50


QUICK TIP: Store your kit in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children


Emergency Kits

Often more robust, emergency kits are designed for natural disasters & outdoor emergencies.

Grab & Go 4 Person Emergency Kit

With essential items for 4 people and extra capacity to store enough food and water for 3 days, clothing and medication. Contains everything in one place ready to grab in the event of an emergency

RRP $159.00

Our Price $158.00

Grab & Go Waterproof First Aid Kit Plus

Provides essential item for an emergency when adventuring outdoors. Great for taking on that Hiking, Kayaking, Biking or Boating adventure. 

RRP $37.95

Our Price $35.50


QUICK TIP: Check the contents of your kit regularly to make sure they're not expired!



Knowing the temperature of the person you are treating can help you provide the best possible care until they can be seen by a medical professional.

Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer (IRT6520)

Braun ThermoScan® 7 is the flagship product of Braun thermometers. This ear thermometer features the new patented Age Precision® Technology – an age-adjustable fever guidance which completely takes the guesswork out of interpreting child’s temperature.

RRP $189.00

Our Price $149.50

Omron MC-341 Speed Read Waterproof Digital Thermometer

The Omron MC-341 digital thermometer provides quick 10 second readings,* with professional accuracy. *10 second reading for rectal use.

RRP $16.50

Our Price $11.90


QUICK TIP: It's a great idea to take a basic first aid course or have a basic first aid manual in your kit to help with more unusual accidents/injuries


Wound Dressings

Minor cuts, scraps and burns can usually be treated at home. Having an assortment of different wound dressings can help you treat the more minor injuries as well as treating the major ones until a medical professional can take over.

Nexcare - Steri-Strip 6mm x 100mm 30

Comfortable, sterile adhesive strips that hold wound edges firmly together

RRP $6.99

Our Price $6.90

Comvita MediHoney Adhesive Dressings 4.5cm x 7.5cm 8Pk

Medihoney Adhesive Dressings are a waterproof, latex-free hydrogel dressing infused with antibacterial medical grade Manuka honey.

RRP $18.00

Our Price $13.35


QUICK TIP: Keep a list of emergency contacts in your kit. E.g. your Doctors number, National Poisons Centre (0800 764 766), Healthline (0800 611 116)


Questions? Check out our FAQ page here.