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Welcome to Pharmacy Direct's Honey Section.  We have a wide range of different honeys available to suit your individual needs.

Honey has been used for thousands of years in both cooking and natural health. It is commonly used as a natural sweetener for cooking or to sweeten drinks. Honey also has widely known antibacterial properties making it a valuable ingredient in traditional medicine for centuries.


The Honey Collection is a New Zealand owned and operated company which is totally dedicated to its customers full satisfaction.   The product range consists of skincare products which use UMF® Manuka Honey as the key ingredient. Our remedial range has been formulated using Manuka Honey with a higher UMF® rating and a greater proportion of honey for superior potency.

Beetox Dusk Lifting Face Mask 50g

RRP $56.90

OUR PRICE $46.70

Active Clear Acne Cream 50g

RRP $25.90

OUR PRICE $21.25

Harvest Crush Uplifting Face Polish 100g

RRP $25.90

OUR PRICE $21.25


Biohoney is an innovative, family owned company based in Nelson. Biohoney are true bee guardians. They value bees and the vital part they play in the ecosystem. They do not and will never test their products on animals. When you purchase Biohoney products you can be sure that they have carefully selected the most natural and ethically sound ingredients available. Their goal is to make the most effective and safe products from nature’s quiet little dynamos – the honey bee.

Clover Honey 250g

RRP $11.40

OUR PRICE $10.95

Beech Forest Honeydew Honey 500g

RRP $16.40

OUR PRICE $15.25

Manuka Honey MG 500+ 250g

RRP $52.80

OUR PRICE $50.95


 For thousands of years honey has been used as a healer and New Zealand’s unique Manuka honey is the foundation of the Apicare range. We have been using the goodness of active Manuka honey from our own hives to make successful natural skin care for more than 21 years. 

Manuka Sensitive Hand & Body Wash 250ml

RRP $20.90

OUR PRICE $15.90

Manuka Honey & Warm Vanilla Body Creme 200g

RRP $23.90

OUR PRICE $17.99

Honey Shine Shampoo 250ml

RRP $18.80

OUR PRICE $14.25


Manuka Health is a world leader in scientifically proven natural health and wellness products made from New Zealand's unique bioactive ingredients. Our pioneering expertise has enabled us to harness and share the healing power of New Zealand nature through our premium products.

Manuka Honey Lozenges 15 - Ginger & Lemon

RRP $8.99


Wild Flower Honey 1kg

RRP $42.95

OUR PRICE $34.95

Manuka C Chews 120

RRP $39.99

OUR PRICE $27.20


We ethically harvest our Manuka to create honey that can benefit your body in incredible ways. Used for centuries in traditional medicine, Manuka is a rare and unique super plant that is indigenous to remote areas of New Zealand. At Melora, we work hard to create unique skincare products, so we can share the power of Manuka with you and the rest of the world. A little bit of magic. A whole lot of good.

Manuka Honey Conditioner 200ml

RRP $14.90

OUR PRICE $11.70

Manuka Honey & Oil Mouth Wash 265ml

RRP $14.90

OUR PRICE $11.70

Manuka Honey & Oil Deodorant 50ml

RRP $12.90

OUR PRICE $10.10


In 1974 Comvita founders Claude Stratford and Alan Bougen imagined people living healthy lives.  Bees were their inspiration, and honey their medicine.  They dreamed of connecting people to nature and good health. 

Today Comvita continues that vision by researching and selecting sources of natural ingredients, carefully tending and harvesting them to preserve their purity.

Children's Lemon & Honey Lollipops 10

RRP $17.80

OUR PRICE $12.70

MediHoney Antibacterial Wound Gel 50g

RRP $36.00

OUR PRICE $26.25

UMF 20+ Manuka Honey 250g

RRP $233.00

OUR PRICE $219.95


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