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At Pharmacy Direct, we are always looking out for the best deals and this week is no exception. Check out a few of our January specials below!


All our products are made in Australia using the latest in technology from around the world, we are always working towards environmentally friendly techniques and ingredients.


Lifestream Advanced Probiotics Metabolise Capsules 60

 7 powerful strains plus FOS prebiotic and is specifically formulated to support healthy weight management and a healthy metabolism.

RRP $29.90

OUR PRICE $11.95

Nature's Way Herbal - SystemWell Tablets 90 + FREE 45s

This unique, complex herbal and nutritional immune support formula is a multi-system defence formula for all aspects of healthy immunity.

RRP $86.80

OUR PRICE $34.75


Hormone free menopause support.

Tablets 120 + FREE Remifemin Sleep 30s

Remifemin is a remarkable plant extract which has been used successfully by millions of women worldwide for over 45 years

RRP $88.99

OUR PRICE $43.85

Plus St Johns Wort Tablets 120 + FREE Remifemin Sleep 30s

Remifemin® Plus St.John’s Wort, as the name indicates is a stronger version of the original Remifemin® herbal medicine for relief of climacteric symptoms during menopause.

RRP $92.98

OUR PRICE $50.25


NOW Solutions Sleepy Puppy Diffuser + FREE 100% Pure Lavender Oil 10ml

With NOW® Solutions' Sleepy Puppy Diffuser you can send your little ones off to sleep with the soothing sights, sounds and scents of nature

RRP $99.90

OUR PRICE $82.25

Radiance Hormone Balance DIM Capsules 60

Indicated for men and women with a predisposition to oestrogen dominance. Also for women with discomfort around menstruation wishing to encourage hormonal balance.

RRP $59.90

OUR PRICE $33.50


Active Iron's ground breaking protein formula is clinically proven better absoprtion of iron sulfate, better tolerated and avoids oxidative stress thus avoiding the common side effecst of oral iron

Iron & B Complex Plus for Women 60 (Capsules 30 + Tablets 30) 

New Active Iron & B Complex Plus for Women contains Active Iron’s ground-breaking protein formula and a new specially formulated Active B Complex with a targeted delivery system.

RRP $39.99

OUR PRICE $21.90

Iron Capsules 30

Active Iron was developed in response to the global need for an iron supplement that is both tolerable and easy to absorb. Before Active Iron the only solutions available were poorly absorbed and poorly tolerated.

RRP $34.99

OUR PRICE $19.90


The Honey Collection Beetox Bee Venom Lifting Face Crème 50g

Designed and handcrafted in New Zealand, with ingredients nature intended for us, Beetox Bee Venom Crème is 100% natural with UMF Manuka Honey with Bee Venom and Easyliance as the key ingredients.

RRP $56.90

OUR PRICE $39.95

Ultimate Life Natural Vitamin E Cream 100g

This topical formulation may be used to combat dryness and promote softer, smoother skin by providing natural moisture, nourishment and anti-aging benefits. Men love its soothing effect too!

RRP $27.50

OUR PRICE $16.50


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