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Good health is a right, not a privilege.


Check out our Sports Category!

Isn't it great to see the sports fields and courts alive again!

Here at Pharmacy Direct we have a dedicated category to all things sports. From rubs and creams for those bumps and bruises, to protein powders, mouth guards and supplements, our sports range has you covered!


Dr Cool Recovery-On-The-Go STRAPS & SLEEVES  combine ice and compression in one flexible fabric wrap. 

Active Support Elbow Strap - One Size Fits All 

RRP $45.00

OUR PRICE $19.95

Active Support Wrist Wrap - One Size Fits All

RRP $40.00

OUR PRICE $16.95

Open Patella Knee Sleeve- M

RRP $70.00

OUR PRICE $24.95


Premium whey and plant-based protein powders made in New Zealand. 

We craft pure nutritional supplements. Real ingredients with true benefits. Nothing your body doesn’t need. From the gym to the boardroom, to late night lair, Go Good stands for and supports healthy active lifestyles.

NZ Whey Protein + Organic Banana 1kg

RRP $65.00

OUR PRICE $57.75

Stainless Steel Shaker 600ml - Blue

RRP $12.00

OUR PRICE $11.85

Pea Protein Isolate + Organic Chocolate 1kg

RRP $65.00

OUR PRICE $57.75


ROCKTAPE is a Kinesiology tape engineered with the athlete in mind created in the heat of competition, but can also assist in rehabilitation and injury management. Simply apply ROCKTAPE on the areas of your body that need a little boost and you can go stronger, longer.

Kinesiology Tape Biohazard 5cm x 5m

RRP $25.00

OUR PRICE $22.90

ROCK SAUCE Fire Heat Cream 350ml

RRP $46.00

OUR PRICE $42.30

Kinesiology Tape Camo Pink 5cm x 5m

RRP $25.00

OUR PRICE $22.90


The PURE Sports Nutrition range is proudly produced in New Zealand and has been designed with sports science in mind.  Our brand stands for high quality, natural products that work, containing no artificial ingredients or colours.  The range has grown to provide high-quality products before, during and after your workouts.

Electrolyte Capsules 80

RRP $39.99

OUR PRICE $35.25

Energy Gel 35g - Espresso Coffee + 30mg Caffeine

RRP $3.99


Electrolyte Hydration 500g - Pineapple

RRP $29.95

OUR PRICE $26.50


Justine’s Ltd provides healthy baked products to consumers wanting a healthier lifestyle, without losing the occasional sweet treat that makes life so much more enjoyable.

Our Complete Protein Cookie range is free from wheat and gluten, sugar and trans fat.

They are high in protein, fibre, calcium, sugar free and low in carbs.

 Assorted Cookie Box 12 x 64g

RRP $45.60

OUR PRICE $38.75

Double Choc Dream Brownie 12 x 80g

RRP $45.60

OUR PRICE $38.75

Vegan Nutty Choc 12 x 85g

RRP $47.88

OUR PRICE $45.65


Providing nature’s nutrients the way nature intended for generations to come.

Amazonia has now grown into a global health food leader, built on sustainable business practice. With a focus on plant based food sources, Amazonia now preserves tens of thousands of acres of rainforest to produce only nature’s authentic products. So thank you for your support; together, we are creating beautiful change.

Raw Organic Acai Powder 50g

RRP $25.05

OUR PRICE $19.75

Raw Protein Isolate Cacao Coconut 500g

RRP $54.95

OUR PRICE $38.95

 RawFit Performance Protein Rich Dark Chocolate 450g

RRP $49.99

OUR PRICE $39.95

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