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Cold Sores

Cold sores are an annoying problem that seem to catch us when we least want them or when we are run down. They can also pop up with over exposure to the sun. Cold sores are usually localised to the lip area.

Cold sores are managed by applying a cold sore cream directly to the affected area up to 5 times per day for the duration of the infection. It is important that you start applying the cream as soon as you feel the cold sore coming on. Cold sore patches have also become popular - these can assist you mask the appearance of your cold sore as well as containing the same active ingredient in cold sore creams which reduce the severity and duration of your cold sore attack.

For those that suffer from regular cold sores we recommend supplementing with Lysine. Lysine is an amino acid which can reduce the occurrence of cold sores and reduce the severity of cold sores when they occur.

If you are suffering from recurrent severe cold sores then visit your doctor to discuss alternate treatment options to assist you manage this condition.

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