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Daktarin / DaktaGOLD

Daktarin (miconazole nitrate) is a family of broad-spectrum antifungal treatments used to eradicate fungal infections on the skin, nails, groin and mouth.
Daktarin products are available in a range of formulations designed to specifically target infections in certain areas. While there is some overlap, the products are not always interchangeable; do not use the oral gel to treat athletes foot, for example, or vice versa.
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From the makers of Daktarin comes new once daily DaktaGold. DaktaGold cream i..
Price : NZ$ 20.95
Daktarin Cream is a broad spectrum anti-fungal cream useful for the treatment..
Price : NZ$ 12.95
Daktarin is a broad spectrum anti-fungal treatment for the all types of funga..
Price : NZ$ 14.95
Daktarin spray is a broad spectrum antifungal product. It treats common funga..
Price : NZ$ 14.95
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