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March was a busy month with loads of new additions to our range. Check out some of the latest brands & products to our site below!


At Tailor, we believe beauty is about mindfulness, self love, confidence, and your daily self care regime using beautiful products that do the very best for your skin and wellbeing. We’re passionate about optimising your skin health journey with our scientifically proven, effective Tailor Skincare range because skincare is self care.

NZ Made, Vegan & Cruelty Free

Renew Probiotic Serum 30ml

RRP $69.00

OUR PRICE $60.90

Gold Dust Treatment Powder 25g

RRP $59.00

OUR PRICE $52.00

Face Towel - 2 Pack

RRP $19.00

OUR PRICE $16.75


We've researched, tested and carefully selected the most effective, luxurious natural ingredients for our range of dog skin care and coat care.

Our fragrances are soft, and not overwhelming for a dog’s sensitive nose. Textures are easily applied and beautiful to handle. In addition to this, our range of dog skin and coat care is wonderful for your own hands, full of high quality, natural ingredients and made in New Zealand.

Conditioning Fur Mask 150ml

RRP $35.00

OUR PRICE $33.80

Coconut Paw & Body Soak 250ml

RRP $29.50

OUR PRICE $27.90

Moisture Balm 100ml - Lavender/Sweet Orange

RRP $35.00

OUR PRICE $33.80


Welcome to Dolphin Clinic. The supplier of pure, natural, unadulterated essential oils, massage oils and aromatherapy products. We are proud to be a family owned and operated manufacturing and wholesaling business, based in Tauranga, New Zealand. We have been the trusted name in Aromatherapy for over 25 years!

Car Diffuser + Essential Oil Pads

RRP $27.50

OUR PRICE $24.50

Gift of Relaxation 2x10ml

RRP $35.50

OUR PRICE $31.90

Massage & Body Oil 200ml - Rose

RRP $25.60

OUR PRICE $21.95


At Pure Vitality, we’re on mission to find real and lasting solutions to the health problems of the 21st Century.  After 10 years of research and trials we have developed revolutionary products that New Zealand health professionals are calling “second to none”.

Vitamin C 1000mg Sugarless Chewable Tablets 150

RRP $29.90

OUR PRICE $25.40

Slim Vitality Weight Management Capsules 60

RRP $34.90

OUR PRICE $27.30

Vitamin C 1000mg Veggie Caps 120

RRP $24.90

OUR PRICE $21.15


Eu Natural Our feel-good formulas, made by medical and herbal professionals, are packed with powerful nutrition that meets your body's needs across every chapter of your story.

Staying Cool Vitex & Black Cohosh Vege Caps 60

RRP $39.95

OUR PRICE $35.25

Spark Zinc & Selenium Vege Caps 60

RRP $39.95

OUR PRICE $35.25

DIM Pure 200mg Vege Caps 60

RRP $29.95

OUR PRICE $24.20


Today, Dr Teal's whole body wellness product lines combine the same amazing benefits of pure Epsom salt with the revitalizing and restorative qualities of essential natural oils.

Body Therapy Soak 1L

RRP $14.99

OUR PRICE $12.99

Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution Glow & Radiance 1.36kg

RRP $19.99

OUR PRICE $17.99

Essential Oil Conditioner Soft & Shine 473ml - Chamomile

RRP $16.99

OUR PRICE $14.99


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