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Red eyes can be caused by a number of things and are generally easy to treat. Red eyes are caused by the blood vessels in your eyes dilating making them appear redder than normal. They can be quite noticeable and can affect your appearance. Red eye drops are the most effective treatment and work by tightening your blood vessels in your eyes and reducing their appearance. Naphcon A and Albalon A are useful for short courses. If you suffer from red eyes on a regular basis a product like Livostin eye drops may be best for you.

With any eye condition it is important to look out for the symptoms of more serious conditions like infection. If your red eye does not improve after using drops or persists or worsens then you should go straight to your doctor. If you use contact lenses it is best to remove your contacts and give your eyes a break for a few days. If symptoms persist then see your optometrist.

Dry eyes Dry eyes are caused by a number of reasons and are easy to treat using lubricating eye drops and gel for dry eyes. For instant relief use Refresh Plus – either the single use drops or the bottle. If you suffer from dry eyes infrequently the single use drops are best as they keep the longest. Once you open the bottle you will need to discard it after 30 days. If you have ongoing dry eyes then use a long acting product like Viscotears or Genteal can give you relief over a day. Dry eyes can be a side effect of medication so if you are suffering from dry eyes and are taking medicine discuss this with your doctor next time you visit.

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