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GC Tooth Mousse 40g - Mint

GC Tooth Mousse 40g - Mint
Always read the label and use only as directed.


GC Tooth Mousse 40g - Mint
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GC Tooth Mousse 40g - Mint
GC Tooth Mousse is a delicious tasting, water based, sugar free crème that is beneficial for teeth. It contains calcium and phosphate, the major minerals teeth are made from. These minerals are available in a soluble form as they are carried in a special milk-derived protein known as Recaldent.
GC Tooth Mousse can help to protect the teeth aiding the replacement of calcium and phosphate minerals lost during regular acid attacks usually after eating and drinking. GC Tooth Mousse is fluoride-free. If your dentist recommends that you need an additional fluoride treatment program, you can safely use Tooth Mousse and fluoride products at the same time.
GC Tooth Mousse could be helpful:
- if you have an acidic oral environment
- if you have active decay in your mouth
- if you have white spot lesions
- if you have sensitive teeth
- if you have erosion or tooth wear
- if you are undertaking tooth whitening procedure
- if you are undertaking orthodontic treatment
- if you suffer from dry mouth
- if you are susceptible to dehydration from sporting activities or outdoor work
- if you are suffering from morning sickness during pregnancy
- if you are at increased risk of decay as a result of medical conditions (e.g. diabetes)
- if you have low saliva flow rate as a result of prescription medications

Squeeze a small amount of GC Tooth Mousse out onto your clean finger. A cotton tip, swab or custom tray are suitable application methods as well. Apply directly onto your tooth surfaces and leave undisturbed for three minutes. You will notice the flavour of GC Tooth Mousse stimulates saliva flow.

Spread any residual crème around the mouth with your tongue and hold for a further one to two minutes. Expectorate thoroughly and if possible avoid rinsing.

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