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AcniLogic Cream Serum - Sebum Control Cream Serum...

A re-balancing & mattifying in-depth treatment for oily skin Powered by Acnic..
Price : NZ$ 99.66

Age Logic Cellulaire Intelligent Cell Renewal...

First ever treatment that fights against cellular aging Stimulates metabolism..
Price : NZ$ 283.14

Age Logic Yeux Intelligent Cell Renewal For Eyes...

This eye care preserves youthfulness of eye zone Formulated with technologica..
Price : NZ$ 176.22

Anti-Wrinkle Cream 50ml/1.7oz

A high-performance anti-aging face moisturizer Contains Hyaluronic Acid to st..
Price : NZ$ 120.78

Anti-Wrinkle Mask (For Devitalized Skin) 50ml/1.69oz

Helps to erase signs of fatigue Smoothes the features Reinforces skin elasti..
Price : NZ$ 93.72

Anti-Wrinkle Rich Cream (For Dry Skin) 50ml/1.4oz

A rich anti-aging night cream Formulated with nourishing Hyaluronic Acid to r..
Price : NZ$ 138.60

Baume Nutriscience Gentle And Soothing Nourishing...

A gentle nourishing daily body cream Formulated with Pro-Ceramides to restore..
Price : NZ$ 100.32

Biologic Exfoliating Gel For Face 50ml/1.6oz

A gentle & effective facial peeling gel Formulated with natural exfoliant fro..
Price : NZ$ 87.12

Bioxygene Cleansing Foam 150ml/5.07oz

A foaming cleanser to improve skin's oxygenation Contains cotton seed oil t..
Price : NZ$ 90.42

Bioxygene Face Cream 50ml/1.6oz

Enables the skin to absorb more oxygen for a healthier appearance Fights ag..
Price : NZ$ 186.12

Clean Logic Cleansing Care Cream 150ml/4.4oz

Creamy texture softly & comfortably envelops skin Helps cleanse & remove make..
Price : NZ$ 87.12

Clean Logic Revitalising Care Lotion 200ml/6.7oz

A revitalizing facial lotion that completes makeup removal The unique texture..
Price : NZ$ 87.12

Concentrated Body Slimming Cream 125ml/4.2oz

An intensive slimming body cream Helps slow down the production of fat cells ..
Price : NZ$ 116.16

Confort Lip Balm 15ml/0.49oz

A soothing & protective creamy lip balm Enriched with Shea Butter to nouris..
Price : NZ$ 46.20

Continuous Nourishing & Protection Cream (For Dry...

Repairs, protects, nourishes and softens the skin Makes skin feel the relief ..
Price : NZ$ 111.54

Creme Age Summum Anti-Ageing Immunity Cream For Face...

An effective anti-aging facial cream Formulated with Immune Complex, an amino..
Price : NZ$ 466.62

Creme Hydra Finish Face Moisturiser Complexion...

A lightweight protective tinted moisturizer Transforms & adapts to skin tone ..
Price : NZ$ 102.96

Creme Hydra Summum Perfect Moisturising Cream For...

Contains Aquasilanol hydration complex to create a barrier that prevents evapo..
Price : NZ$ 239.58

Creme Protection Reparatrice Face Cream 50ml/1.7oz

Protects, nourishes & hydrates sensitive skin Strengthens skin hydrolipidic f..
Price : NZ$ 102.96

Creme Pur Confort Comfort Face Cream SPF 15 50ml/1.6oz

A comforting & protective day cream Offers both internal & external protectio..
Price : NZ$ 100.32
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