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HODAF Detox Foot Pads Mint - 10 Patches

HODAF Detox Foot Pads Mint - 10 Patches
Always read the label and use only as directed.


HODAF Detox Foot Pads Mint - 10 Patches

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HODAF Detox Foot Pads Mint - 10 Patches

HODAF Detox Foot Pads Mint - 10 Patches

Contains: 10 patches (5 pairs for 5 uses)

Would you like to revitalise or detox your system with detox foot patches? Do you lack energy? Do you want to detoxify or have a body cleanse?  Experience foot patches today.

These pads are already assembled for you. All you have to do is peel and stick! 

Key Benefits:

- All natural ingredients
- Removes toxins
- Enhances metabolism
- Alleviates fatigue

Just simply apply the Lavender Scented Natural Detox patch to your feet before bed and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

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Active Ingredients:

The Natural detox foot patch is made from a combination of all-natural ingredients: Wood Vinegar Extract, Bamboo Vinegar Extract, Chitin & Chitosan, Tourmaline, Vitamin C, Vegetable fibre,  Minus Ion Powder, Mint powder, Dextrin.


How to use:
- Only apply the patch to cleaned dry skin.
- Remove the patch from the plastic outer wrapper.
- Peel off the paper backing, lay (sticky side up) on a flat surface.
- Place the prepared patch on the sole of the foot.
- Cotton socks can be worn over the patches to stop them being kicked off during sleep and stop you slipping if you get out of bed during the night.
- Remove patches in the morning and wash your feet and hands.


Use only as directed.

Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.

Do not use if you have blood circulation problems, high blood pressure or cholesterol problems.

Keep out of reach of children. Not to be used by children, keep out of reach of children. Use for 12 years and above. Obtain doctors advice for children under 12.

If swallowed get medical help or contact poisons information centre immediately.

Do not use on open wounds, swelling, itching or inflamed skin. Do not use on sensitive skin or if you have allergies to any of the ingredients listed. If you have any adverse reactions to the product or experience any unwelcome side effects such as itching, irritation or rashes, please discontinue use immediately. Keep away from nasal passages and mucus membranes. Do not use with heat patches or medical salves or ointments.

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