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Healtheries Spirulina Powder 100g

Healtheries Spirulina Powder 100g
Healtheries Spirulina Powder 100g
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  • Always read the label and use as directed.
  • Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.
  • If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.
Healtheries Spirulina Powder 100g
Healtheries Spirulina Powder 100g 
Why use Healtheries Spirulina Smoothie Powder?
Letís face it. Sometimes you get to the point where youíre taking so many tablets and capsules, you feel like youíll rattle when you walk! Wouldnít it be nice if you could get all the nutritional and health benefits of a supplement in a tasty, natural smoothie instead?
Healtheries Spirulina Smoothie Powder is 100% pure spirulina Ė one of natureís true superfoods. It can help enhance your energy, balance your blood sugar, counteract sugar cravings Ė itís even perfect when youíre pregnant or breastfeeding. And best of all, itís 100% vegetarian-friendly.
Recommended For
  • Topping up protein and Iron levels for vegetarians, pregnant or breastfeeding women, growing children, and sportspeople
  • Helping your body to naturally detoxify
  • Boosting your energy levels when youíre feeling run down
  • Helping to maintain healthy blood sugar balance, which can help to prevent sugar cravings
  • Supporting healthy weight management programmes by helping to reduce hunger levels
Active Ingredients:
100% Spirulina Powder

Add two teaspoons to your favourite smoothie recipe.

  • Donít take this product if you have an Iron intolerance or overload


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