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KP24 Rapid Lice Solution 150ml - Expiry 02/25

KP24 Rapid Lice Solution 150ml - Expiry 02/25
Always read the label and use only as directed.


KP24 Rapid Lice Solution 150ml - Expiry 02/25

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KP24 Rapid Lice Solution 150ml - Expiry 02/25

 KP24 Rapid Lice Solution 150ml

KP24 RAPID is our latest innovation in head lice treatments. It is formulated to kill head lice and their eggs.

KP24 RAPID is different to traditional head lice treatments as it has a physical action towards the lice. It kills the head lice by dehydrating them rapidly and suffocating them. A metal comb is included to physically remove the lice from the scalp. KP24 RAPID also contains tea tree and eucalyptus oil which have a repellent effect on head lice. After treatment, it leaves the hair soft and shiny. .

Why it's effective
- 10 minute application
- 100% kill rate on adult lice
- 97.2% kill rate on lice eggs
- Contains natural active matrix tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil which acts as a natural repellent for head lice
- Fine tooth metal comb included to remove lice from scalp

When should I use KP24 Rapid 150mL?
KP24 Rapid should be applied at the first sign of a head lice infestation. Why not stock up at the start of summer so you are prepared for lice season?

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Active Ingredients:

Cyclomethicone, Isopropyl myristate, Dimethicone, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, BHT, Limonene


Shake bottle well and apply the solution to dry hair. Ensure sufficient product is applied so that hair is thoroughly wet, including back of neck and behind the ears. Massage the solution well into the scalp. 

For best results leave the solution on the hair for 10 minutes. Remove all tangles with a regular comb before using the enclosed metal lice comb to remove the dead head lice their eggs off the scalp and hair. Separate one-inch sections of the hair, place the comb teeth as close to the scalp as possible and tightly comb the hair at a 45 degree angle. 

Pass through the same section several times and repeat the procedure until the entire head is complete. Once completed, wash hair using an ordinary non conditioning shampoo. 

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