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Gentle to skin as developed from Oriental herbal plants Generates creamy lath..
Price :  US$ 29.97
A refreshing & brightening facial lotion Penetrates deeply into skin to reduc..
Price :  US$ 56.24
A refreshing & brightening facial lotion Penetrates deeply into skin to reduc..
Price :  US$ 82.14
Contains exclusive ingredients to penetrate into the collagen layers Incredib..
Price :  US$ 66.97
Capsule base that allows ingredients to work deep in collagen layer Eliminat..
Price :  US$ 95.10
Medicated Sekkisei Emulsion (Limited Edition - Sakura)
Price :  US$ 48.47
A plant-based, medicated whitening emulsion Contains oriental herbal extracts..
Price :  US$ 60.31
A plant-based, medicated lotion for face, neck & body Contains carefully sele..
Price :  US$ 76.59
A 100% cotton mask sopped in whitening essence & herbal hydrators With a nu..
Price :  US$ 81.03
Medicated Sekkisei Lotion (Limited Edition - Sakura)
Price :  US$ 92.50
With moisture-rich texture to prevent dehydration Penetrates quickly into ..
Price :  US$ 81.03
An intensive skin care for whitening skin Revitalizes skin & keeps it radiant..
Price :  US$ 65.86
An intensive moisture emulsion Discourages melanin formation Helps compensat..
Price :  US$ 61.05
A whitening essence that quickly penetrates into skin Replenishes essential m..
Price :  US$ 133.58
A high-performance whitening mask Contains nano-sized black powder that eas..
Price :  US$ 41.81
Formulated with best-selected botanical extracts to maximize skin's capacity f..
Price :  US$ 76.59
A plant-based cleansing soap for face Creates a rich, creamy foam that is gen..
Price :  US$ 26.64
A multi-tasking, plant-based facial gel Combines the effects of an emulsion, ..
Price :  US$ 51.43
A gentle, weightless & hydrating cleanser Generates a rich & fine foam upo..
Price :  US$ 42.92
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