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A powerful revitalizing eye cream Features a rich texture that comforts & hyd..
Price :  US$ 156.89
A rich, high-performance anti-aging cream Contains two million of Lancôme ..
Price :  US$ 439.21
An ultra-fine hydrating facial mist Formulated with natural rosewater for hyd..
Price :  US$ 168.73
A regenerating & renewing facial serum Features a fresh pearl-like gel-emulsi..
Price :  US$ 427.37
A high-potency rejuvenating facial cream Contains up to two million Lancôme ..
Price :  US$ 410.72
A high-potency rejuvenating facial cream Contains up to two million Lancôme ..
Price :  US$ 483.23
A high-performance revitalizing eye treatment mask Features a unique balm-to-..
Price :  US$ 351.14
Absolue L'Extrait Ultimate Rose Serum Mask
Price :  US$ 540.96
An advanced regenerating & repairing night cream Enriched with Rose Distillat..
Price :  US$ 307.11
Contains a potent combination of unique ingredients – the Reconstruction Comp..
Price :  US$ 226.08
Absolue Precious Cells Coffret: 1x Absolue Precious Cells Advanced Regenerat..
Price :  US$ 500.63
A high-potency revitalizing facial mask Features a rich yet intensely fresh &..
Price :  US$ 222.75
A luxurious nourishing lip balm Formulated with Pro-XylaneTM & Vitamin E Vi..
Price :  US$ 72.53
A high-potency revitalizing overnight mask Features a fresh yet divinely velv..
Price :  US$ 219.42
A high-potency revitalizing facial lotion Features a fresh, nourishing fluid ..
Price :  US$ 150.23
A sensorial, bi-phase peeling nighttime concentrate The rosy exfoliating phas..
Price :  US$ 149.12
A high-performance regenerating concentrated serum With a unique polysensor..
Price :  US$ 312.29
A natural golden-colored brightening elixir Contains rose essential oil & sev..
Price :  US$ 205.36
A high-performance anti-aging night cream Highly concentrated with Pro-Xyla..
Price :  US$ 244.21
A powerful multi-restorative eye concentrate Features a highly sensory fine ..
Price :  US$ 172.06
A fresh, gentle cream for fragile & sensitive eye area Improves skin elastici..
Price :  US$ 121.74
A groundbreaking rejuvenating & soothing facial serum Combines two formulas t..
Price :  US$ 101.75
A non-greasy cleanser for the eyes Helps remove all traces of makeup includi..
Price :  US$ 39.96
A gentle yet effective makeup remover & facial wash Features a bi-phase & no-..
Price :  US$ 53.65
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