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Diabetes Care

Welcome to Pharmacy Direct's "Diabetes Care" Category.

Our mission is to provide an affordable One-Stop-Shop for every person affected by or at risk of Diabetes. 

We have a comprehensive range of products including:

blood glucose meters & test strips, blood ketone monitoring & test strips, lancing devices & lancets, insulin cooling bags & pump accessories, glucose tablets & sweeteners, natural health options and much more. 


Insulin Cooling Accessories

Insulin often needs to be kept cool to avoid bacteria growing and breaking down the proteins making the insulin far less effective. Here at Pharmacy Direct we stock a range of cooling accessories so you can keep your insulin cool no matter where you are.

MedActiv iCool Prestige

Designed to hold about 3 weeks supply of all your medications and to keep them at a temperature between 2 and 8°C at airplaine temperature (about 24°C)

OUR PRICE $84.50

FRIO DUO Pen Cooling Wallet

With a minimum continuous cool period of 45 hours and a recharge time of under 5 minutes, FRIO is made for your everyday – wherever that might be!

OUR PRICE $36.50

MedActiv Easy Bag Single

Isothermic Bag For the transport of insulin. As long as the inner pouch is wet, your medication is kept at the right temperature (Between 16-25 degrees for 3 days.

OUR PRICE $44.90



Diabetes solutions by i-sens.

RRP FROM $15.75



Glucose Supplements

Managing diet & nutrition is an essential part of living with diabetes. Always remember to check with your Doctor to see what works best for you!

Glucogel Jelly Beans - Mixed 150g

Help control lower sugar level attacks. Also recommended for active sports people to carry as the glucose is helpful in peak performance activities.


Gluco Tabs Tablets 10 - Blueberry Burst

GlucoTabs are a fast acting Glucose Tablet. 4g of Glucose per tablet. Caffeine and sodium free.

RRP $6.40


Hypo-Fit Direct Energy Glucose Gel Orange 12pk

Hypo-Fit is a fast acting glucose gel is a convinient and easy to use sachet. 

OUR PRICE $19.50



Easy access to accurate, affordable testing:

That’s the benefit of being part of the FreeStyle family.



Ulcer & Wound Care

Ulcers are a complication of diabetes that commonly occur on the feet. If you have an ulcer, contact your Doctor immediately. We have a range of ulcer & wound care products to help with the management of ulcers/wounds.

Keragel Functional Keratin Ointment 20g

keragel® is a keratin enriched gel category dressing utilizing keratin technology to create and maintain a moist wound environment. 

OUR PRICE $69.00

Systagenix Actisorb Plus 25 Dressing 10.5cm x 10.5cm - Single

ACTISORB ® Plus 25 is an activated charcoal dressing with silver (25µg/cm2 ) enclosed in a non-adherent nylon sleeve.

OUR PRICE $18.30

Microdacyn Wound Care 250ml

Uniquely formulated to quickly heal ulcers, burns, cuts and abrasions. Microdacyn is used to irrigate, clean and debride the wound to improve Healing

OUR PRICE $27.90




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