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Are you doing Plastic Free July? Want to reduce the amount of waste in your household?

At Pharmacy Direct, we are always looking out for the best deals and this week is no exception. Check out a few of our favourite waste free options below!

We are a bulldog in the fight against the plastic toothbrushes. We choose to call it a fight since the world consumes more than 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes every year Ė most of which end up in landfills and oceans! With a beautiful and simple design, Humble Brush is a serious alternative to regular plastic toothbrushes. No disadvantages! Why would you ever want to buy a plastic toothbrush again? Stop plastics. Be Humble.

Bamboo Flat Brush 5 Pack

RRP $15.99

OUR PRICE $14.15

Corn Starch Dental Floss Picks 50 - Mint

RRP $5.99


Bamboo Cotton Swabs 100

RRP $3.99



We believe in the good in people. We believe in the collective consciousness and how each choice we make as individuals affects us all as a whole. We also believe in beauty and practicality. LilyBee Wrap works hard to combine these things, to make it a little easier for us all to choose a plastic wrap alternative. So far we have saved 13 million metres of plastic from entering our oceans and land. With steps like this together, we can change the world.

Set of 3 Wraps - Lucky Dip

RRP $30.00

OUR PRICE $27.25

Single Extra Large Wrap - Lucky Dip

RRP $20.00

OUR PRICE $17.90

Single Small Wrap - Lucky Dip

RRP $9.00



We know innovation isnít limited to the type of ingredients we use or how potent they are. Youíve got to look at the big picture. Thatís why you might notice our packaging has changed. Those old plastic packs? Gone, replaced by more sustainable reusable tins. And so you know where the ingredients inside those tins comes from, traceability has gone up a notch too.

Hair, Skin & Nails Beauty Gummies 50

RRP $34.90

OUR PRICE $22.95

Liposomal Vitamin C 180ml

RRP $59.90

OUR PRICE $37.80

Adult Vitamin C + Zinc Gummies 60

RRP $24.90

OUR PRICE $16.95


Bumkins combines sustainability and convenience with good design in practical products. As we celebrate thirty years of business, we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the lives of so many families around the world.

Small Reusable Snack Bag 2pk

RRP $14.95

OUR PRICE $12.25

Reusable Baby Wipes - 12 Pack

RRP $15.95

OUR PRICE $13.50

Large Reusable Snack Bag

RRP $11.95

OUR PRICE $10.15


 Oi stands for the Organic Initiative. We exist to remove plastics, synthetics, toxins and chemicals from hygiene products, starting with feminine hygiene. Our goal is to always be the Best in the World, and Best for the World.

Oi Cup - Medium

RRP $39.95

OUR PRICE $39.80

Cotton Non-Applicator Tampons - Super 16

RRP $6.29


Oi Girl Day Pads - With Wings 10

RRP $6.99



Plastic Free Packaging. Premium whey and plant-based protein powders made in New Zealand. 

We craft pure nutritional supplements. Real ingredients with true benefits. Nothing your body doesnít need. From the gym to the boardroom, to late night lair, Go Good stands for and supports healthy active lifestyles.

NZ Whey Protein + Organic Strawberry 1kg

RRP $65.00

OUR PRICE $57.75

Stainless Steel Shaker 600ml - Yellow

RRP $12.00

OUR PRICE $11.85

Pea Protein Isolate + Organic Chocolate 1kg

RRP $65.00

OUR PRICE $57.75

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