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Mundicare® has a range of basic first aid essentials to help treat minor burns, cuts & scrapes, skin irritations, and minor wounds. Made in Australia using purified, single origin Australian melaleuca oil*, mundicare® products blend the best of nature and science to create soothing products for the whole family.
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A handy first aid burn treatment kit. This pack contains a mix of Burnaid prod..
Price : NZ$ 13.30
This spray contains a hydrogel and is a perfect ‘no-touch’ soluti..
Price : NZ$ 10.60
The Burnaid® dressing is a sterile dressing infused with cooling hydrogel. Thi..
Price : NZ$ 6.80
Help relieve your sunburn with Burnaid® Sunburn Gel Spray. It is specially for..
Price : NZ$ 15.20
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