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Nutilis Instant Food Thickener Powder 300g

Nutilis Instant Food Thickener Powder 300g
Always read the label and use only as directed.


Nutilis Instant Food Thickener Powder 300g

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Nutilis Instant Food Thickener Powder 300g
Nutilis is a thickening powder which mixes easily with drinks, puréed food and nutritional supplements.
When a patient has swallowing difficulties or dysphagia, there are risks associated with food and drinks being swallowed incorrectly or in an unsafe manner.

A common way to manage swallowing difficulties is to thicken food and drinks to a consistency considered safe and appropriate for the patient by a Speech & Language Therapist. Thickened food and drinks may be easier to control in the mouth and swallowed more safely.
Unlike other thickeners, Nutilis has the optimal amylase-resistant features to ensure thickened food and fluid will maintain the prescribed consistency and not turn back to liquid in the mouth.
Nutilis does not alter the taste of thickened food and drinks. Foods and drinks thickened with Nutilis can be chilled, frozen and reheated safely. To get the maximum benefit from Nutilis, it is important to remember that appearance and presentation of food can make a real difference to the eating experience.
See packaging for specific dosage requirements:
How to Mix:

1. Pour the drink in to the shaker
2. Add the recommended amount of Nutilis
3. Screw the lid on tightly and shake vigorously until the powder is well dissolved (approx 5- 10 seconds)
4. Leave to stand for a few minutes whilst the drink is reaching the desired thickness
Do not add additional Nutilis during standing time as the liquid is continuing to thicken
These are guidelines only, please follow local policies where applicable.


You can also use a whisk or a fork to mix Nutilis instead of a shaker.

Hot drinks : allow hot drinks to cool slightly prior to thickening
Mixing cold drinks : let prepared liquid stand for a few minutes prior to thickening
Carbonated drinks : stir carbonated drinks until the gas is out of the drink

It is easier to overthicken the drink with Nutilis and add more fluid than to keep adding Nutilis in different stages.

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