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Nutralife Ester C 1000mg + Bioflavonoids Tablets 200 + FREE Ester C 1200mg Effervescent Sachets 15x5g

Nutralife Ester C 1000mg + Bioflavonoids Tablets 200 + FREE Ester C 1200mg Effervescent Sachets 15x5g
Always read the label and use only as directed.
Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.  
If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

Nutralife Ester C 1000mg + Bioflavonoids Tablets 200 + FREE Ester C 1200mg Effervescent Sachets 15x5g

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Nutralife Ester C 1000mg + Bioflavonoids Tablets 200 + FREE Ester C 1200mg Effervescent Sachets 15x5g

Nutralife Ester C 1000mg + Bioflavanoids Tablets is a patented form of vitamin C.  It is the most bioavailable form developed. Metabolites in Ester-C help the vitamin get into cells more efficiently.
Ester-C is absorbed into the blood stream twice as fast and held in the body twice as long as ordinary vitamin C, increasing its effectiveness.
Ester-C is more effective than other vitamin C and is non-acidic (pH7). It is patented and scientifically supported. Taken daily, Ester-C helps to support natural immunity over 24 hours, during times of seasonal change and situations that challenge your immune system.


Beneficial for:

  • Supporting immunity
  • Improving resistance to infection
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Supporting recovery


Key and unique features :

  • High potency formula, providing 1000mg of Ester-C together with 100mg of citrus bioflavonoids for added antioxidant activity and free radical scavenging power
  • Full 24 hour support for your immune system
  • Non-acidic and gentle on your stomach
  • Ester-C is absorbed twice as fast compared with ordinary vitamin C(ascorbic acid), increasing its effectiveness and activity


Active Ingredients:
Each tablet provides:
Ester-C® Calcium Ascorbate Threonate Complex
Citrus Bioflavonoids



Take 1 tablet up to 3 times daily with food or as directed by your healthcare professional. Always read the label. Use strictly as directed.
If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.

  • High doses may cause reversible loose bowels or diarrhoea.
  • Vitamin C in doses of 1g and above increases the bioavailability of ethinyloestradiol in oral contraceptives. This can be important if vitamin C is suddenly discontinued and may lead to breakthrough bleeding or even contraceptive failure. Women on oral contraceptives and taking high doses of vitamin C should be advised to reduce vitamin C levels gradually over several days to avoid a breakthrough bleed.

Extended Information:

Q What is Ester-C® and how does it help my immunity?
Nutra-Life Ester-C® 1000mg plus Bioflavonoids is a high strength vitamin C formula for protection agaisnt a weakened immunity, together with the powerful benefits of bioflavonoids, which are essential for the processing of vitamin C within the body and the maintenance of capillary walls.

Nutra-Life Ester-C® 1000mg plus Bioflavonoids is a special form of vitamin C, enabling the body to use it more effectively, and because it is non-acidic, it limits gastrointestinal irritation unlike the acidic form of vitamin C.

Q What are vitamin C metabolites?
When vitamin C is metabolised (processed) in the body, it is broken down into secondary compounds (metabolites). Scientific studies show that these natural vitamin C metabolites found in Ester-C® cause vitamin C to be absorbed into the bloodstream twice as fast compared to ordinary vitamin C (ascorbic acid). It is these natural metabolites that make Ester-C® different to other vitamin C supplements and offer the unique benefits to health and wellbeing.

Q What is Calcium Threonate?
Ester-C® calcium ascorbate contains significant levels of threonic acid, a natural metabolite of vitamin C. Threonic acid is standardised in Ester-C® as calcium threonate and is responsible for Ester-C®'s high bioavailability, rapid and efficient entry into the cell, and its improved activity in more than 300 functions in the body. Ester-C® provides full 24 hour immune support compared to normal vitamin C, which is usually excreted after 2 hours.

Q What is vitamin C and its role in the body?
A Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant vitamin and one of life’s most important nutrients. Unlike other mammals, humans are unable to make their own vitamin C. The body does not store vitamin C for long periods of time, so it needs to be supplied in the diet each day.

One of vitamin C’s major roles in the body is in the synthesis and maintenance of collagen, an important structural protein needed for the formation of connective tissue. Connective tissue provides structure and support to many organs in the body and is found in skin, blood vessels, bone, teeth, tendons, cartilage and ligaments. This is especially evident following burns (including sunburn), injury or surgery, where vitamin C’s powerful wound healing activity is vital for repair and recovery.
Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant, where it helps to defend the cells against the harmful effects of free radicals produced during stress, smoking, injury, infection, anxiety and pollution and from our own metabolism. The demands for vitamin C increase during these situations and supplementation is often required to maintain sufficient levels.

Vitamin C’s antioxidant power helps protect heart health and is used by the body to support healthy capillaries and arterial walls. It also enhances the absorption of Iron, and assists the role of Iron in forming red blood cells (RBCs), making it useful in helping to prevent iron deficiency anaemia.

Large concentrations of vitamin C are found in the adrenal glands, which are important for managing the body’s stress response. In fact, during stress, vitamin C reserves are used up more rapidly than normal and supplementation is often recommended to individuals who suffer from chronic stress.


Q What role does vitamin C play in immunity?

A Many studies show that vitamin C supports natural immunity during common infections such as the common cold, where it has been shown to help manage symptoms and shorten the duration of infection. The body’s disease-fighting white blood cells (WBCs) depend on vitamin C for normal functioning and many people make vitamin C an important part of their Winter wellness programme.


Q What are some common signs of Vitamin C deficiency?

A The classic deficiency state is ‘scurvy’. Other common deficiency signs include brittle hair and nails, bleeding gums, broken capillaries, easy bruising, lowered resistance to infection and slow wound healing.

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