Omron Healthcare is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of digital blood pressure monitors for home use. Omron uses exclusive "IntelliSense technology" to accurately provide fast and comfortable blood pressure measurements.
Omron also provides a range of other healthcare products which includes thermometry, respiratory nebulisers, TENS devices and pedometers.
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Omron AC Adaptor

Omron AC Adaptor For Blood Pressure Machines  
Price : NZ$ 38.90
RRP : NZ$ 41.99

Omron Cuff LARGE 32cm - 42cm Size

Omron Large Cuff Arm Circumference 32–42cm Omron Large Blood Pressur..
Price : NZ$ 37.90
RRP : NZ$ 46.99

Omron HEM-CR24 Cuff MEDIUM 22 - 32cm Size (Standard)

Omron Cuff MEDIUM 22cm - 32cm Size (Standard)   Suits arm circumfe..
Price : NZ$ 38.50
RRP : NZ$ 46.99

Omron HEM-CS24 Cuff SMALL 17 - 22cm Size

Omron Cuff SMALL Arm Circumference 17–22cm   Sui..
Price : NZ$ 38.50
RRP : NZ$ 41.00

Omron HEM-FL31 Type B Cuff Intelli Wrap 22 - 42cm...

The Omron Intelli Wrap Cuff is a 360º arm wrap cuff.
Price : NZ$ 37.95
RRP : NZ$ 49.99
YOU SAVE NZ$ 12.04

Omron HEM-RML31 Wide Range Soft CUFF 22 - 42cm

Omron Medium - Large Cuff Arm Circumference 22–42cm
Price : NZ$ 38.50
RRP : NZ$ 46.99

Omron HEM6161 WRIST Blood Pressure Monitor -...

The HEM6161 makes it easy to monitor blood pressure while on-the-go. This bas..
Price : NZ$ 119.00
RRP : NZ$ 154.99
YOU SAVE NZ$ 35.99

Omron HEM6232T BlueTooth WRIST Blood Pressure...

The Omron Bluetooth® Wrist monitor HEM-6232T allows syncing of blood pres..
Price : NZ$ 225.95
RRP : NZ$ 299.99
YOU SAVE NZ$ 74.04

Omron HEM7121 Standard Automatic Blood Pressure...

Omron Standard Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7121 (Replaces HEM7203) The Omr..
Price : NZ$ 106.90
RRP : NZ$ 141.55
YOU SAVE NZ$ 34.65

Omron HEM7156 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor -...

The Omron HEM7156 blood pressure monitor provides simple, reliable and accura..
Price : NZ$ 189.50
RRP : NZ$ 229.99
YOU SAVE NZ$ 40.49

Omron HEM7320 Ultra Premium Blood Pressure Monitor...

Omron Ultra Premium Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7320 (Replaces HEM-7221) ..
Price : NZ$ 204.95
RRP : NZ$ 301.30
YOU SAVE NZ$ 96.35

Omron HEM7322 Premium Blood Pressure Monitor...

Omron HEM7322 Premium Blood Pressure Monitor (Replaces 7211)   ..
Price : NZ$ 168.95
RRP : NZ$ 241.45
YOU SAVE NZ$ 72.50

Omron HEM7361T Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor -...

The Omron HEM7361T Advanced with AFIB Indicator Blood Pressure Monitor measur..
Price : NZ$ 234.95
RRP : NZ$ 299.99
YOU SAVE NZ$ 65.04

Omron HEM7600T Smart Elite+ Bluetooth Blood Pressure...

Easy to use and features the latest tubeless technology with a 360Ú In..
Price : NZ$ 265.00
RRP : NZ$ 367.99
YOU SAVE NZ$ 102.99

Omron HV-F127 TENS Device - Compact Design

Omron HV-F127 TENS Device Compact in its design, the Omron HV-F127 is a si..
Price : NZ$ 142.95
RRP : NZ$ 175.95
YOU SAVE NZ$ 33.00

Omron HV-F128 TENS Device

The Omron HV-F128 is a premium TENS device from Omron. With 12 automatic ther..
Price : NZ$ 159.95
RRP : NZ$ 205.85
YOU SAVE NZ$ 45.90

Omron MC-720 Forehead Thermometer

Omron MC-720 Forehead Thermometer   Provides fast non-contact fo..
Price : NZ$ 86.70
RRP : NZ$ 113.70
YOU SAVE NZ$ 27.00

Omron NE-C801 Compressor - Nebuliser Unit

The Omron NE-C801 is a compressor nebulizer with a lightweight (approx. 270 g..
Price : NZ$ 145.95
RRP : NZ$ 208.35
YOU SAVE NZ$ 62.40

Omron NEU100 Mesh Nebuliser

Pocket sized and lightweight, the Omron NEU100 Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulisers are..
Price : NZ$ 460.00
RRP : NZ$ 525.00
YOU SAVE NZ$ 65.00

Omron Replacement Air Filters for Nebuliser NE-C801 5pk

Each pack has 5 pieces.
Price : NZ$ 5.99
RRP : NZ$ 11.90
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