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Remifemin Natural Hormone Free Menopause Support Tablets 120

Remifemin Natural Hormone Free Menopause Support Tablets 120
Always read the label and use only as directed.
Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.  
If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

Remifemin Natural Hormone Free Menopause Support Tablets 120

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Remifemin Natural Hormone Free Menopause Support Tablets 120
Remifemin Natural Hormone Free Menopause Support
Natural menopause support.
Assists in relief of menstrual and menopausal symptoms.
Remifemin is a remarkable plant extract from Germany used to reduce effects of hormonal imbalances The active ingredient in Remifemin Menopause is an extract from the root and rhizome (or underground stem) of black cohosh-—a native North American plant (Cimicifuga racemosa).
Known by many other names-—snake root, bugbane, black snake root, and rattleweed-—the herb black cohosh was traditionally used by Native Americans to treat gynecologic symptoms. Europeans have used black cohosh since the 19th century.
Historically, the use of black cohosh was based on observations that it successfully relieved menstrual symptoms and the discomforts associated with menopause.
Today, after 40 years of clinical research, women can rely on the standardized extract (uniform dose) of black cohosh in Remifemin Menopause to treat their menopausal symptoms, with the assurance that modern, scientific methods have demonstrated its safety, consistency, purity, and effectiveness
Remifemin supports mood balance, natural temperature control and helps with irritability during stress.
Active Ingredients:
Each Tablet Provides:
Native dry extract concentrate from Actaea racemose rhizome, equivalent Actaea racemose (Dry) 21.3mg (extraction with isopropyl alcohol).
The Cimicifuga racemosa used in Remifemin® is standardised to a level that guarantees the potency and actives that are required for maximum effectiveness are stable and present, reaching a higher level than the basic herbal ingredient.


Take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening, or as directed by your health care professional. Tablets to be taken with cold water, do not chew or suck. Remifemin can be started at any time during the menstrual cycle.


Use only as directed and consult your health care professional if pain and symptoms persist. Keep out of reach of children. It is advised that if you suffer from Liver complications, you should seek your doctors advice before taking Remifemin.

  • Overall Rating 5
  • Tracey Alexander
    Overall Rating 5

    I'm a nurse and have never given homeopathic remedies much credibility, but I'm menopausal and can't take hormone replacements due to family history of Breast Cancer, so I tried these with great scepticism. Astonishingly, they actually work. I stop them for about a week to 10 days between each pack, just to make sure I still need them, and back come the hot flushes. Worth every penny, these really do work (for me, anyway).

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  • Denise
    Overall Rating 5

    After pre-menopausal symptoms for about 12 months I'd had enough. I was waking in the night (hadn't done that since I was waking for night feeds!) hot, sweaty and couldn't rest well. My husband was rugged up in bed with the heater on and I'm thinking OMG what's wrong with you! I decided to as my GP what to do as I didn't want HRT drugs. When she suggested Remifemin I was pleased to note it is natural and clinically tested. After taking it for about 2 weeks I noticed a HUGE difference. I couldn't believe I put up with my symptoms for so long. I no longer have ANY symptoms at all and feel so much better. Remifemin, you're a wonder drug - thank you!

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  • Jenny
    Overall Rating 5

    Remifemin was prescribed to me by my gynecologist, as a result of chronic fatigue and exhaustion combined with hormone deficiency pre menopause and post menopausal symptoms. I cannot recommend this product more highly, it is in my opinion a miracle product - completely natural and drug free.

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  • Jacqui
    Overall Rating 5

    Completely life changing product. I have been using this for three weeks and took one tab in morning and one at night. On about day 10 I noticed the hot flashes starting to lessen in their intensity and i was able to sleep through the night again - uniterrupted by excessively hot flushes. This weekend I have had NO hot flushes at all. Remifemin has given me control back and from my experience and the results, I can recommend it to all who are suffering. Give it a go. I have read it can take longer for some people, however like all meds, different people react differently, yet most reviews i have read, women have found this product life changing.

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