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Slimfit Fat Binder Oral Sachets 90 - Berry Flavour

Slimfit Fat Binder Oral Sachets 90 - Berry Flavour
Always read the label and use only as directed.


Slimfit Fat Binder Oral Sachets 90 - Berry Flavour

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Slimfit Fat Binder Oral Sachets 90 - Berry Flavour
Slimfit Fat Binder Oral Sachets 90 - Berry Flavour
(previously XLS Medical)
SLIMFIT Fat Binder is a certified Medical Device to support the treatment of excess weight and general weight management.
Comes in an easy to take “On the Go” tasty berry powder, making reducing calorie intake from fatty foods in your diet and therefore managing excess weight a simpler task than ever before.
Made with clinically proven fat binder Litramine®, SLIMFIT Fat Binder binds up to 28% of dietary fats in your stomach. Its unique and patented natural fibre complex is clinically proven to help reduce calorie uptake from consumed fatty foods and fight hunger in-between meals.
SLIMFIT Fat Binder not only binds dietary fat it also forms a viscous gel that delays the emptying of the stomach, leaving you feeling fuller and reducing food cravings for longer. The fibres may also improve gastro-intestinal transit. 
SLIMFIT Fat Binder has been clinically tested to help you lose up to 3 x more weight than dieting alone when used for 12 weeks. 
Active Ingredients:
Each sachet contains: clinically proven fat binder Litramine® a patented fibre complex of organic plant source (prickly pear), Xylitol, Natural fruit juice powder, Citric acid, Colloidal silicon dioxide, Natural-identical flavour, Magnesium stearate. 
Each sachet is 2.6g of powder. 90 Sachets is one month’s supply.

Adults: For the treatment of excess weight. Shake sachet so powder is contained in the base of the sachet then take by pouring the contents of the sachet into the mouth. Take 1 sachet orally, 3 x a day (after each main meal). If preferred, consumption of the product can be immediately followed by drinking some liquid. 
Alternatively, if you are trying to maintain your weight or reduce excess fat from indulgent meals, use 1 sachet after the meal as and when required. 
Suitable for vegetarians.
For best results take SLIMFIT Fat Binder for at least 3 months

Recommended only for adults 18 years and older with a BMI > 18.5.
Do not take within 2 hours of consuming any fat-soluble medicines including the oral contraceptive. Do not exceed 3 sachets daily.
Healthcare professional supervision is recommended for adolescents 12-18 years old.
Do not take SLIMFIT Fat Binder during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.


Extended Information:

In conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise SLIMFIT Fat Binder can naturally help you manage your weight. SLIMFIT Fat Binder efficacy and safety is assessed under Medical Device directive93/42/EEC and Class IIb as a “Dietary Fat Absorption Inhibitor”. SLIMFIT Fat Binder offers a high safety profile and has well known tolerability.

Just remember, as with any high fibre diet, consume plenty of water throughout the day and do not exceed consumption of more than three sachets in 24 hours after meals.

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