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Vitamenz - Fertility Support for Men Capsules 60

Vitamenz - Fertility Support for Men Capsules 60
Always read the label and use only as directed.
Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.  
If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

Vitamenz - Fertility Support for Men Capsules 60

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Vitamenz - Fertility Support for Men Capsules 60

Vitamenz is a unique blend of vitamins and anti-oxidants designed to support optimal sperm health. All nine natural ingredients have been clinically proven to support male fertility.

Infertility is often looked at as a woman’s problem. But in fact, when a couple are struggling to conceive, around half of these issues are the result of male fertility problems. These issues can often be addressed by changes to the male’s lifestyle that will support sperm production, motility and quality.

Vitamenz is a dietary supplement designed to do just that by providing essential support in pre-conception sperm health. Looking after sperm health should be par for the course for any male hoping to create a new member of their family. Because a healthy sperm plus a healthy egg will create a healthy baby. Simple really. And taking Vitamenz daily while trying to conceive will support that process.

Active Ingredients:
Each Capsule contains:
L-Arginine - 150mg

L-Carnitine - 43mg

Taurine - 100mg

Selenium - 75µg

Zinc - 7.5mg

Folic Acid - 150µg

Vitamin E - 200IU

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - 160mg

CoQ10 - 25mg

Adult Men:
Just take 2 Capsules, once a day, as soon as you start planning to have a baby and then continue to take Vitamenz until a successful, healthy pregnancy is achieved.
Or as directed by your health care professional.

Extended Information:
How do I use Vitamenz:
Despite what you might think, sperm isn’t produced on demand. On average it takes 100 days for sperm to develop so that means you need to be doing everything possible to ensure your swimmers are in their best possible condition in advance of trying to conceive.
Think of it as pre-season training for healthy baby making. Getting your sperm fit, fast and strong come kick off. And think of Vitamenz as your natural training supplement, with our unique blend of natural ingredients all individually clinically proven to support male fertility. But don’t worry if you are already trying to have a baby, as Vitamenz will support sperm health immediately.

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