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Welcare Digital Thermometer - Standard (WDT404)

Welcare Digital Thermometer - Standard (WDT404)
Always read the label and use only as directed.


Welcare Digital Thermometer - Standard (WDT404)

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Welcare Digital Thermometer - Standard (WDT404)
Welcare Digital Thermometer - Standard (WDT404)
The Welcare Digital Thermometer- Standard is designed to give reliable and accurate temperature readings. For oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurement.
Key Features:
- 60 second reading time
- Jumbo screen
- Water resistant
- Readable in C or F
- Fever alarm
- Last reading memory function
- Measurement completion alert
- Automatic shut-off
- Flexible tip
- Oral, rectal or underarm use
Always read & follow the instructions for use & health warnings. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.
Extended Information:

How to use:
1. To turn on, press the button next to the screen; a short beep will sound, indicating that the product is operational. 
2. At the same time the product runs a selfcheck test, during which all the digital segments appear on the screen. 
3. The memory will show the last reading on the screen for 2 seconds. 
4. A default value of 37.0°C or 98.6°F will display for 2 seconds. 
5. When the letters Lo and a “flashing” °C or °F display, the product is now rea 
6. Refer to Methods of measuring temperature section for placement instructions. 
7. Keep the user still during the measurement. 
8. During the measurement, the °C or °F symbol “flashes” and a temperature will be displayed that will continue to change until a constant temperature is reached. 
9. As soon as the constant temperature value is reached (approx. 10 seconds)*, a beep will sound 10 times and the °C or °F symbol will stop flashing. 
10. Once the beeping has stopped the measurement is completed. Remove the product from the measurement site. 
11. The highest temperature measured appears on the screen. 
12. Turn the product off by pressing the button. 
13. Although the product will turn off automatically after 10 minutes, to conserve power it is recommended to turn the product off manually after each reading. 
14. The reading will automatically be stored in the memory. 
15. The measurement continues even after the beeping has stopped. In order to achieve better body temperature measurement results, it is recommend to keep the probe in mouth and rectum for an additional 2 minutes, or in armpit about for an additional 5 minutes after the beeping sound.

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