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Menopause & Hormone Support

Here at Pharmacy Direct we stock an extensive range of Natural Health products to help with a wide range of concerns.

Menopause & the Menstrual Cycle are experienced differently by each woman. Sometimes a bit of extra support can help manage these. Check out our natural health section focusing on natural supplements to support Menopause & the Menstrual Cycle.

If you have any symptoms that are concerning you, please chat with your Doctor or Pharmacist.


Today, Harmony is a leader in women’s health, empowering women through every phase of their lives for over 30 years. The product portfolio has blossomed into a range that offers natural products that support common health concerns including hormone imbalances, stress, sleep issues and beauty problems.

Harmony Balance Tablets 60

RRP $36.90

OUR PRICE $24.80

Harmony Menopause Day & Night Tablets 90

RRP $63.90

OUR PRICE $42.60

Harmony Menopause Tablets 120


OUR PRICE $43.90


NuWoman 30 PLUS & NuWoman BALANCE are scientifically formulated women’s health supplements that have helped thousands of women since launch in 2003. All products are 100% natural and formulated to assists the body in balancing your hormones naturally.

NuWoman Hormone Support Tablets 30

NuWoman® BALANCE is a scientifically formulated natural dietary supplement which may support young women from 18 years of age to feel their normal, happy, healthy selves every day.

RRP $24.99

OUR PRICE $21.35

NuWoman 30PLUS Hormone Balance Support Tablets 60

The 30 PLUS Nu Woman formula combines the internationally studied and proven effectiveness of cimicifuga racemosa with natural amino acids, nutrients and vitamins to help the body's own hormonal balance.

RRP $34.99

OUR PRICE $24.80


Remifemin is made from a high potency, standardised extract of Black Cohosh. It has been clinicaly studied for over 60 years and has been proven to provide effective natural relief of menopause

Natural Menopause Support Tablets 120

RRP $59.99

OUR PRICE $43.85

Remifemin Plus St Johns Wort Tablets 60

RRP $39.99

OUR PRICE $29.85

Remifemin Sleep Tablets 30


OUR PRICE $22.90


Clinicians is committed to health and nutritional support, providing high quality

vitamins and mineral supplements, as well as innovative condition-specific

natural supplement solutions.

Menopause Balance Tablets 30

RRP $49.99

OUR PRICE $35.50

PMT Cycle Balance VegeCaps 30

RRP $29.99

OUR PRICE $17.90

Women's Hormone Support Capsules 90 (DIM)


OUR PRICE $29.20


Nature’s Sunshine began with a single, innovative idea: put herbs into capsules to make easy-to-take supplements. This simple idea revolutionised and gave rise to the herbal and nutritional supplement market that we know today.

Founded in 1972 by the Hughes family, Nature’s Sunshine has grown into a global organisation sharing transformative supplements with health-conscious individuals around the world. 

Chaste Tree Fruit Tablets 90

RRP $34.80

OUR PRICE $23.75

Flash Ease Tablets 60

RRP $34.40

OUR PRICE $23.50

Wild Yam & Chaste Tree Capsules 100


OUR PRICE $23.75


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