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Conjunctivitis is mainly caused by a small infection around the eye. The symptoms of conjunctivitis typically include having gunk in your eye, having difficulty opening your eye, redness and swelling of the eye lids and sometimes pain. Conjunctivitis is a very infective condition and it is easy to spread across both eyes and amongst family members. It is important that you ensure you keep your face cloth separate to other family members.

Conjunctivitis can be treated by a antibiotic eye drop or ointment like Brolene or Bleph-10. Treatment should last few a few days after the infection has gone and then you should discard the eye drops or ointment.

Please note: The drops or ointment have preservative that degrades within one month of opening. If you re-use the drops or ointment after this time you are risking getting a more severe infection in your eyes.

Conjunctivitis can mask other conditions and if you find that you are sensitive to light or are experiencing serious pain then you should visit your doctor immediately.

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