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Contact Lenses: Freshlook Colourblends 6 Lenses

Contact Lenses: Freshlook Colourblends 6 Lenses
Contact Lenses: Freshlook Colourblends 6 Lenses

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SHIPPING TIMES: 10 - 15 Working Days*
Our contact lenses are sourced directly from our Optometrist supplier in NZand can take 10-15 working days - Some Contact Lenses can take longer depending on stock availability - If you have any queries regarding the shipping times of a product please contact us on customerservice@pharmacydirect.co.nz
Pharmacy Direct recommends that you visit your eye care professional at least yearly to make sure that your eyes are healthy. By purchasing your contact lenses from Pharmacy Direct you confirm that you have seen an eye care professional within the last 12 months and have a valid prescription for the lenses you select. Only order lenses that have been prescribed for you and that you have worn before. Do not change the type, brand or parameters of your lenses without discussing with your eye care professional. Only wear your lenses as directed. If you experience any eye pain or discomfort then please contact your eye care professional immediately. If you would like to discuss any eye health issues you may have please email us on the link below.
  • Please fill in your prescription details below.
  • Please enter information for both eyes.
  • Only enter the information that is relevant to your prescription.
  • If your prescription is different for each eye please note that the minimum order is two boxes.

BC (Base Curve) between 8 and 10
DIA (Diameter) between 13 and 15
PWR (Power) between -15 and +15 (+ or - sign required)
The prescription on your boxes is usually listed in the following order: BC, DIA, PWR
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Price  NZ$ 122.40
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Contact Lenses: Freshlook Colourblends 6 Lenses

Contact Lenses: COLOURED LENSES - do have a longer delivery timeframe than standard lenses as the Optometrist has to order them in as required because they are made individually.

2 weekly disposable lenses with 3-layer coloured iris pattern.

Available tints - Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Honey, Turquoise

Please write in your colour preference below


Contact Lenses: Use as directed. These are 2 weekly disposable lenses.


Contact Lenses: Freshlook 2 weekly disposable lenses are ideal cosmetic accessories. Affordable, 3 layer coloured iris pattern lenses. Diameter of the lens is 14.5. 55% water content.

Extended Information:

Contact Lenses: Coloured Contact Lenses take longer to receive as they are made as per each order that comes in

To help see what details you need to enter in for your lenses - we have included this image of the end of the box where your details will be.

If you are not sure you have entered in all the details necessary, please feel free to either email us, or ring us on 0800 PHARMACY (0800 742-762), or alternatively add in the extra details into your notes section when you proceed to check out.


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