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Urinary Tract Infections


A bladder infection or cystitis is a common infection caused by bacteria that travel up your urethra into your bladder. They are more common in women because of the shorter urethra. Cystitis can be very painful and can become an ongoing issue for many women.

You will know when you have cystitis or a bladder infection because you will experience burning when passing urine, you will feel like passing urine more often and then only in small amounts, you many feel unwell with fever and chills. Occasionally you will find blood in the urine and it may be smelly.

Mild cases of Cystitis or bladder infections can go away without treatment. You should increase your intake of fluids, rest and take some pain relief. If you have a bladder infection you should avoid sex and using tampons.

You can get relatively fast relief from a bladder infection or cystitis by taking a urinary alkaliniser like Ural or a combination product like Cranclense that includes both a urinary alkaliniser as well as cranberry extract.Urinary alkalinisers will change the acidity in your bladder which will treat the stinging sensation when passing urine.

For those who have regular issues with cystitis or bladder infections then take a cranberry supplement like Cran Plus as it has been shown to assist with the prevention of infections.

Bladder infections or cystitis can become serious if they are not treated. If you find that your symptoms do not stop after a day, if you start to experience nausea and vomiting or diarrhoea, if you experience lower back pain or stomach pain, if you find blood in your urine or have an unusual vaginal discharge or you are pregnant then you should visit a doctor immediately.

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